10 Best Roblox Space Games

Take to the stars in these space-themed games.

Roblox can give you just about any kind of experience you could want. This is the case for those of you looking to go to space. There are so many space games to choose from that we cut out the work for you and listed the best options. All of these games are rated very highly among the players who download them.

Boba Simulator!

Image via Roblox

Yes, this is not technically a space game, but you can travel to space to find new boba flavors. That entire situation is just absurd enough for us to include it on this list.

Deep Space Tycoon

Image via Roblox

With the new Rebirth 5 update, this tycoon that has you creating your own empire among the stars has gotten even better. Travel to different planets, acquire different ships, and more on your adventure.

Pinewood Space Shuttle Advantage

Image via Roblox

Take on a mission with a group of other players in this mission-focused game. You can even explore an alien planet where you can get your hands on some special, inhuman weapons.

Space [STORY]

You can board the rocket with 15 of your friends and go on a story-centered adventure as you try to deliver supplies to Stromono Station. Don’t worry about the station’s similar name to the ship from Alien. It’s purely a coincidence.

Space Experiment

Image via Roblox

You can have an almost-Fall-Guys experience with this space game, which sees you and 29 other players trying to fight the game itself and stay alive. The last person standing is the winner; it’s simple, pure fun.

Space Combat Tycoon

Image via Roblox

You can build up your own armada of allies, weapons, and resources, and then take to the skies to wipe out your enemies. We all love flying through space, shooting down enemy ships, and experiencing our childhood fantasies.

Space Hero’s Tycoon

Image via Roblox

You can choose any superhero you want and take them on a space-faring adventure. You can team-up with your friends and fight other heroes like you as you build and pilot your own spaceship.

Space Mining Tycoon

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Very similar to games like No Man’s Sky, you can explore a new, unknown galaxy and mine for resources to help keep yourself alive. There are tons of planets to explore and characters to meet.

Space Sailors

Image via Roblox

This is a cooperative space experience where you can head up to the ISS, run a mission to the moon, and even skydive from the atmosphere.

Star Wars: Space Battle

Image via Roblox

You can choose your side in this Star-Wars-inspired game, and we all love traveling to that galaxy far, far away. It’s an authentic recreation of that universe, and we really admire it.