The best controller settings for Rocket League

Raise your edge in Rocket League.

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When playing Rocket League, you want to have as much control of your car as possible. Boosting after the ball and combating opponents is also something that you will do plenty of, so you need anything to give yourself an edge. Many people love playing the game with a controller. Whether that is with a Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, or Xbox controller doesn’t really matter as long as you are comfortable. Here are our recommendations for the best controller settings in Rocket League.

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Best controller settings in Rocket League

Before you get to our recommendations for your camera and controls in Rocket League while using a controller, we definitely recommend using these settings as a starting point and then tweaking it to where you feel the most comfortable. The best way to improve your gameplay is to find areas where you are completely at ease controlling your camera and car.


  • Camera Shake – Off
    • The last thing you want is the camera to shake and throw off your perception of where you are in relation to the ball.
  • Field of View – 110
    • Increasing your Field of View to the maximum setting will allow you to see more of what is happening on the sides of your car without having to turn your camera.
  • Distance – 270
  • Height – 110
  • Angle – -3
  • Stiffness – .55
  • Swivel Speed – 5
  • Transition Speed – 1
  • Invert Swivel – Personal preference, but we recommend On


  • Steering Sensitivity – 1
  • Aerial Sensitivity – 1
    • For both sensitivity settings, you want this as low as possible. Turn it up and you won’t be able to react as quickly as you normally would want when steering and in the air.
  • Controller Deadzone – .40
  • Dodge Deadzone – .70
    • Deadzones affect how far you have to move your stick to make your car move. We don’t recommend messing with this too much unless your controller deals with a lot of drift.
  • Controller Vibration – Disabled
    • You don’t get much out of feeling vibrations in Rocket League. Because of this, you might as well turn it off and save the battery.
  • Ball Camera Mode – Toggle