Best settings for increased FPS in Splitgate

A game of milliseconds.

Splitgate is one of those first-person shooter games where every second, and fraction of a second, is important. The faster you can react, the better, because shots can be from just about anywhere.

In this guide, we will show you to get the most possible frame out of your machine, and the things you should keep in mind when trying to rinse every last drop of performance out of your system. The most important thing to do is consider the refresh rate of your monitor. There is no point in trimming your settings to hit 120 FPS if your monitor can only do 60.


Resolution can be the most impactful setting when it comes to getting higher FPS. Some CS:GO players happily play as low as they can to get the most frames at any given second, so give this a shot if you really need to.

Any fancy effects

Turn them all off. From a competitive point of view, they offer you nothing except a drain on your frames.

View Distance

You want to set your view distance to far. You really want clarity of vision that goes deep into the picture, even if it costs you a few frames.

Post Process, Shadows, Effects

Set everything to low. It’s all just polish on the impact and doesn’t provide any kind of advantage. Sure, the game won’t look as pretty, but it will boost the frames.