The best Sims 4 Stuff Packs

Eight of the Sims 4 Stuff Packs stand above the rest.

Stuff Packs

The Sims 4 is a game that allows the player to get creative with how they want to play, but that doesn’t just apply to the base game. The player’s interests and play style will also be deciding on which Downloadable Content they buy for the game. There are three major types of Downloadable Content: Expansion Packs, Game Packs, and Stuff Packs.

While stuff packs are the smallest of the DLC bundles and not all of them are something to write home about, a good chunk of them stand above the rest. We’re sure there is at least one good pack for every type of player. Here are the eight best stuff packs available for Sims 4.


Image via EA

The Moschino pack is a lot of fun if you like taking pictures of your sims. Not only does it come with a new career (freelance photography), but it gives you access to studio sessions where you can set up your own studio to take photos of your favorite sims on a beautiful backdrop. This pack offers plenty of new build and create-a-sim options that will have your sims ready for their close up.

Romantic Garden

romantic garden
Image via EA

While the Romantic Garden pack doesn’t offer much on behalf of create-a-sim, this one is for the builders. There are many beautiful outdoor plants and structures that can add a spark of romance and magic into your sims’ world. Your sims can also make actual wishes at the wishing well, and if they’re in luck, they make actually get what they wish for! But beware… it may go wrong…

Movie Hangout

movie hangout
Image via EA

The Movie Hangout pack is for those who love colorful and quirky. There is a great selection of create-a-sim items, and build items that come in colors that will really pop in your world. Like the popcorn, you can make now when your sims sit down to enjoy a movie on the projector. Comedy, romance, or horror? Indoor or outdoor? Figure out what style movie night best suits you and your sims.

Kids’ Room

kids room
Image via EA

When kids were added to Sims 4, it felt like something was missing. The Kids’ Room stuff pack fills those gaps and makes this part of the game a lot more fun. There are so many new building items that are perfect for kids and a whole bunch of create-a-sim items. There are two new activities for your sims: viewing a puppet show and battle with fantasy monsters from trading cards!

Laundry day

laundry day
Image via EA

This charming stuff pack is full to the brim with new boho chic and rustic style building items. Perfect for the millennial who can’t afford it in real life. Your sims can now do their laundry, including the new clothing that comes in the pack. While it’s not as many options as some of the stuff packs, these create-a-sim items definitely match the hipster aesthetic brought by the Laundry day pack.


Image via EA

The Fitness stuff pack doesn’t come with a lot of create-a-sim items, but the items it does have are sleek and fashion-forward. Working out never looked so good. The climbing wall added to the game is also a fun way for your sims to compete against each other. The new build items in this pack are okay, though, so if fashion isn’t your bag, neither is this pack.


Image via EA

A lot of the earlier stuff packs aren’t worth buying, but the Spooky pack in the earliest release gives you the bang for your buck. If you get really into Halloween, this pack is for you. It adds decorations and a whole assortment of fun Halloween costumes, makeup, and accessories. Will your sim be a pirate, fairy, or maybe an undead schoolgirl? Dress up, have a Halloween party and even carve pumpkins!

Tiny Living

tiny living
Image via EA

The last stuff pack on the list is Tiny Living. This pack is unique as it offers a new lot of options and a new way to play. With a foldout bed and a bunch of other cute small-scale build items, this stuff pack allows to make a whole new little space for your sims. You get rewarded for how well you utilize your new small space. The pack also comes with a few new hair and clothing options, both for kids and adults.

All DLC in Sims 4 is 50 percent off until July 27. The newest stuff pack, Nifty Knitting, arrives on July 28.