The top 10 best Street Fighter V characters

Find out which Street Fighter V characters make the top of our list.

The roster of characters in Street Fighter V is impressive, full of people with unique abilities and powers that can complement just about any play-style you can think of.

However, as with almost every competitive game, there is a meta and there are characters that are chosen more than others due to the advantages they give you. Yes, a really good player can often choose whatever character they want and win, but there are still characters that have a slight edge over the rest of them.


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When you are able to activate Abigail’s V-Trigger 2, you can completely change the direction of a match. This Armoured Charge attack can be dish out a lot of damage and, once fully charged, have guard break capabilities. His V-Trigger 1 parry is useful as well.


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Despite being the recipient of a few nerfs over the course of the game’s life Akuma is still a powerful character with his impressive move-set. He can pick apart a player’s defenses and deal an insane amount of damage as he does so. He may not be at the top anymore but he is still a great option.


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Cammy was another victim of a series of nerfs that caused her to drop out of the top choices in the game. But through that, she had remained as one of the strongest characters in the game thanks to her strong skillset. While still too early to know for sure, her V-Skill 2 is looking to be pretty good too.


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One of the series’ most iconic characters went through a rough time over the game’s lifespan, as nerfs had really caused her to drop in efficiency. However, through more balancing and updates, she has risen out of that rut and back into a great place. Her V-Triggers are really good, she can knock a player down with her Heavy Hyakuretsukyaku, and can dominate in the neutral.


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G has been a top character for awhile with his solid special moves, great V-Skills, and, most importantly, his incredible V-Trigger that helps to dish out some punishing combos that last a long time. He is a character that can be hard to react to, which makes him a viable threat in any match.


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What sets Ibuki apart from other characters is her ability to trick her opponents and cause them to make the wrong move, opening them up to a combo or two from her. She has to V-Skills that dish a solid amount of damage, as well as a shuriken V-Trigger that can open up her attacks even more.

M Bison

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An offensive powerhouse, M Bison doesn’t have the strongest of defensive capabilities but will make up for it in just the sheer amount of attacks and damage he can deal out. He’s got incredible plus frame pressure, insane V-Skills, and awesome V-Triggers.


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Rashid is very fast character with great movement speed, and he possesses great V-Skills and V-Triggers. He has button combos that can dominate the neutral and has the ability to choose how he plays and adapt to just about any situation.


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Urien got a V-Skill 2 in Season Five that really put him over the top in the game. He has button combos that will control the neutral, very good V-Triggers, and his Aegis Reflector is one of the best moves out there, helping to stop combos in their tracks and dealing out damage.


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Zeku can dominate the neutral with some great combos and moves and his EX Bushin Flip will help you deal out a good amount of damage to your opponent. His two forms can also help you switch it up as you go, keeping your opponent guessing and reacting to your play.