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The 7 Street Fighter veterans that should be in Street Fighter 6

These seven fighters are ready to knock out Ryu.

The king of fighting games Street Fighter is returning once more, and the sixth entry comes another chance for some forgotten characters to return. From the electrifying C.Viper to the peppy Sakura, here are some veterans that should be in Street Fighter 6’s base roster.

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One of the standout characters from Street Fighter IV is C. Viper. She illustriously flows through the air with her pyro attacks as she flips around her foes. She’s exciting to watch during each battle as she can create some stunning combos on screen. Even though she’s disappeared for almost a decade, she still has a strong following.

Despite her push in Street Fighter IV and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, she never appeared again in a Capcom fighting game. We’d love to see her incredible fire kicks once again in Street Fighter 6, now that next-gen graphics are upon us.


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Do you know what Street Fighter V lacked? A certain British boxer. This guvnor has an entertaining boxing style that will knock out the competition in an exciting fashion. If Street Fighter 6 is going to be more gritty and grounded with its hand-to-hand combat, Dudley would fit in perfectly, despite his gentlemanly appearance. Along with his catchy theme, Dudley has a great counterattack. He can also conduct some stunning finishers like the Rocket Upper and an exciting round of blows called Rolling Thunder.

El Fuerte

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This is a long shot, but it would be cool to see El Fuerte again, who made his debut in Street Fighter IV. Is he a stereotype? Yes. But if Street Fighter 6 takes a gritty turn for the series as the logo suggests, it would be great for El Fuerte to get an overhaul.

He could be a wrestler who has tarnished his body for the sport he loves. Thereby, he could be a darker character within the roster, despite his upbeat take in IV. When we talked to several fans of Street Fighter, they were unsure of his addition as his moveset was wildly different from everyone else’s Perhaps El Fuerte can switch up his style in Street Fighter 6.

Street Fighter V arguably has too many shotos types (i.e. characters like Ryu), so it would be great to get more unique fighters instead like this high flier.


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This beloved karate character was on the chopping block for Street Fighter V, so it would be fantastic to see Makoto come back in the next entry. She can deliver a set of swift physical attacks that feel satisfying to pull off in battle. She delivers a heavy damage output, despite how slow she is. Maybe her martial arts skills will look even better in Street Fighter 6.


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Out of this list, Sakura’s the only fighter who made it to Street Fighter V as DLC. She’s an iconic character through and through, who should make her way to the base roster of Street Fighter 6. She offers a unique spin on the shoto character cast as she focuses more on her kicks than her somewhat puny Hadoken. Sakura offers exhilarating air attacks as well as she thumps her arms on top of her opponent’s head. It would be cool to see Sakura come back to fight on the streets once again and perhaps master her skills further under Ryu. We’d be surprised if she doesn’t show up.


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Another shoto that could make it to the roster of Street Fighter 6 is Sean. Showing up during the plot of Street Fighter V’s story mode, Sean could join the fight like in Street Fighter III: Third Strike. After speaking with fighting game connoisseur and variety streamer Curiousjoi, it is clear that he would be a great rival for the new protagonist of the series Luke as they’re both newcomers to this worldwide tournament. They could be the next rivalry like Ryu and Ken. While he’s a shoto, he does have a unique take in SF3 with a basketball-inspired moveset, which can be further realized in Street Fighter 6.

Yang and Yun

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Last up is Yang and Yun. These brothers would be perfect for Street Fighter 6 as they provide a fast-paced combat style that will look electrifying on screen. They can also implement their skateboards as potential melee intricacies into their combat. Both have thrilling special attacks in Street Fighter 4 that can look even better on the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. Imagine the powerful punches and kicks that could be thrown down your opponent’s way.

As the Street Fighter 6 logo seems to point to, we’ll be getting a more grounded experience, so having more trained martial artists with combo potential would be fantastic to see.

After the underwhelming Street Fighter V, it will be great to see Capcom bring back some classic characters into the new era of the fighting game phenom. From the teaser trailer, Street Fighter 6 seems to host impressive graphics. With hit after hit from Capcom like Resident Evil Village, Monster Hunter: World, and Devil May Cry 5, it would be amazing to see Capcom’s fighting games stand up in quality with them.

Special thanks to Curiousjoi, De’Angelo Epps, Jason Fanelli, and Will Borger for their expert advice on the Street Fighter series

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