The 10 Best Super Mario Fan Games

Everyone loves Mario, an Italian plumber, and the world surrounding him. The love surrounding Super Mario franchise gave rise to some of the best fan-made Mario games ever.

Image via Kaze Emanuar

There’s no video game mascot more recognizable than Mario. He’s the face of the platforming genre, of Nintendo, and even of the entire medium to some gamers. As such, a vast fandom has put its own spin on Mario’s adventures, making fan games and reskins that unofficially elevate the universe to new heights. We’ve gathered a list of the 10 best Super Mario fan games here, arranged in alphabetical order.

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Cat Mario

Image via Adam Kecskes

Cat Mario is the epitome of troll games in the Mario fan verse. It exists solely to frustrate the player, with purposeful glitches and absurd hidden traps designed to make you die over and over again until you find the exact right path forward. It’s unfair, to be sure, but it’s also an example of unbridled troll-ish creativity.

Mario Royale

Screenshot by Gamepur

Before Super Mario Bros. 35 arrived, there was Mario Royale. It was the same concept: multiple Marios raced across classic levels, aiming to get further than anyone else without dying. That’s how it started, at least. At this stage, Mario Royale offers an absurd number of characters to choose from — just look at the screenshot above. That’s only one page. The diversity this fan-made game offers makes it one of the best Super Mario fan games.


Image via KoBeWi

You can tell what this is just by the title and screenshot above. Mario meets Castlevania: Symphony of the Night in an adventure that sees players using abilities like the fireball in creative, navigational ways. You’ll fight regular enemies like Goombas and Koopa Troopas, but Mariovania also has a host of new bad guys and bosses to take on.

No Mario’s Sky

Image via ASMB Games

Props to the developer ASMB games for the wordplay here. Made for a game jam, No Mario’s Sky sees the plumber traveling between different planets rather than various castles on his quest to rescue Princess Peach. And yes, that means the iconic line instead says, “our princess is on another planet.”

Psycho Waluigi

Image via Thunder Dragon

We all know Waluigi deserves his own game, and developer Thunder Dragon finally gave it to us. The name “Psycho Waluigi” isn’t just calling Waluigi crazy, by the way: the game starts with the purple-clad hero waking up with psychic powers. Mario’s fireballs have nothing on telekinesis. Psycho Wualuigi gave the fans what they wanted, earning it a spot in this best Super Mario fan games list.

Super Mario 63

Image via

Super Mario 63 is an extraordinary fan-made Super Mario game that captures players with nostalgic yet creative gameplay. Its stunning visuals return the classic Super Mario feel while introducing a refreshing world. The game’s imaginative levels, diverse challenges, and clever puzzles highlight the creators’ dedication and talent. With meticulous attention to detail, tight controls, and seamless integration of iconic Mario elements, Super Mario 63 pays an awe-inspiring tribute to the beloved franchise.

Super Mario 64 Maker

Super Mario 64 Maker is another one where the name tells you exactly what you’re in for. Mario Maker lets players construct courses using assets from the 2D games, and Super Mario Maker 64 pushes into the 3D realm with N64-style tools. Developer Kaze Emaunar is known for making all sorts of Mario mashups, but Super Mario 64 Maker is the most open-ended example.

Super Mario Bros. Super Show: The Game

Image via Jesus Lopez

What if a Mario game used the same art style as the short-lived cartoon series? That’s the question developer Jesus Lopez hopes to answer with this Super Mario fan game titled Super Mario Bros. Super Show: The Game. Unlike other games on this list, where you can simply check out the final product, Lopez has been documenting the whole development process on YouTube.

Super Mario Bros. & The Midas Machine

Image via

This fan-made Super Mario game elevates the Mario franchise with original graphics and fresh vibes. You can choose from five characters with unique abilities. Super Mario Bros. & The Midas Machine is packed with cool mechanics, power-ups, and environmental details. Sadly, only a 2014 demo exists, and development is uncertain due to real-life obstacles. We hope this potential masterpiece becomes one of the greatest Mario games ever.

Toads vs. Koopas

Image via Cruise Elroy

Cruise Elroy, one of several developers on Flashback, also created Toads vs. Koopas, a Mario-skinned take on Plants vs. Zombies. On one side stands a team of Toads, and you must place the little lads and their weapons to fend off encroaching waves of Koopas. It’s clever repurposing of many Mario items makes it one of the best Super Mario fan games.