Best team in The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross

A squad full of piecers makes for excellent team chemistry.

Image via IGN

For now, it seems the main endgame to The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross is to draw the endless amounts of characters to see which fit best with each other in its PvP mode. A fairly young game, fans are still trying to solve what stats are the most beneficial. Well, we believe the Pierce Rate, a stat which ignores a percentage of an opponent’s overall defense, is the key to making the best team there is. This is mainly due to two game-changers: Lillia’s Passive ability and Escanor’s absurd Pierce Rating.

Lillia (blue variant – SSR)

Think of Lillia as the foundation of the team, here, as her Passive ability adds 50% of her Pierce rate to all allies on the field. As the base form of this card holds a 50% Pierce Rate, other characters get an additional 25% to their own rate. It should also be noted that her Eroica card at Rank 1 heals HP of all allies equal to 200% of her Attack. This can be doubled once you max it out at Rank 3.

Escanor (red variant – SSR)

If Lillia is the foundation, then Escanor is what stands tall because of her. As mentioned, his Pierce Rate makes this the best team available right now, and the card’s starting rate stands at 80%. Of course, you can upgrade this, but from first use, 80% of an opponent’s defensive stat is ignored. As you can imagine, with Lillia’s Passive applied, one-hit kills are practically guaranteed.

On top of that, his Amplify card deals damage up to 450% of his attack on one enemy. As he’s the usual MVP of the team, keeping his HP fairly high is an obvious concern. Though, he does include a Passive ability that increases it by 50% for the first three turns – more than enough time to get the match over with.

Demon Meliodas (blue variant – SSR)

If you’re looking toward getting this team, this should be the first you seek. Demon Meliodas is simply one of the strongest cards, attack-wise, and Lillia certainly supports this even more. The Rank 1 Enchanted Hellblaze move inflicts Pierce damage equal to 100% of attack, which can be stacked with Lillia’s Passive.

The character also begins with a respectable 40% Pierce Rate and 550 Attack. So, even without the other two, Melidonas can carry the weight of his team.

Substitute: King (red variant – SSR)

So the release of the red King variant was underwhelming, to say the least, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t prove helpful off the battlefield. Even if King is not used in the first three slots, using him as a substitute still allows players to take advantage of his Sacred Treasure’s Wrath Passive ability. So, not only will your Pierce Rate be at historic levels, but this Passive will also reduce the Pierce Rates of all your opponents.

Honorable mention: Valenti (green variant – SSR)

Although an honorable mention, you’ll want to strongly consider Valenti if King’s Passive is no use to you. Yes, she also has the same passive, but it can only be used when she’s in battle. She is, however, worthy of a few turns during a fight. Her 2nd Law of Motion move provides damage 300% of her Attack stat. With a Pierce rate of a measly 20%, if added, we don’t recommend you start her until she’s heavily evolved.