Best teams for the Great League in Pokémon Go – December 2022

The Pokémon Great League has returned.

Image via Niantic

At the start of Pokémon Go’s Season of Light, the Great League returns. With it, you will have the chance to compete against multiple players as they use some of their favorite Pokémon against you in a heated competition. The premium choices have slightly changed for the start of the Season of Light due to multiple move alterations, but not everything is too different. This guide covers the best Pokémon teams to use in Pokémon Go’s Great League during the Season of Light.

Best Pokémon for Great League

You can use nearly any Pokémon from your roster, so long as they do not exceed the 1,500 CP limit.

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Pelipper, Trevenant, and Froslass

For this team, we’re going to highlight Pelipper, a Pokémon receiving some updates for season 13. You might want to consider using it on your Great League team to see how it does for you, and we recommend teaming it up with Trevenant and Froslass. Trevenant will be an excellent Pokémon for you to use to switch out, and Froslass can hold the line as the final Pokémon.

  • Pelipper: Wing Attack (fast move), Weather Ball (Water-type), and Hurricane
  • Trevenant: Shadow Claw (fast move), Shadow Ball, and Seed Bomb
  • Froslass: Powder Snow (fast move), Avalanche, and Shadow Ball

Medicham, Zangoose, and Regice

Next, we have Medicham, a robust lead Pokémon capable of destroying the competition. Medicham is a superb choice; alongside it, you’ll want to add Zangoose and the legendary Ice-type Pokémon, Regice. Zangoose has plenty of potential as an extremely combat-heavy Switch option, and Regice is a robust option that will take multiple hits to take it down, but it is heavily weak to any Fire-type attacks.

  • Medicham: Counter (fast move), ice punch, and psychic
  • Zangoose: Shadow Claw (fast move), Close Combat, and Night Slash
  • Regice: Lock On (fast move), Thunder, and Blizzard

Stunfisk (Galarian), Sneasler, and Bastiodon

For this team, you’ll want to use Galarian Stunfisk as the Lead role. This form of Stunfisk can take several hits, capable of forcing your opponent to switch up their options throughout the encounter. We recommend having Sneasler and Bastiodon on your roster. Sneasler can put on a good amount of shield pressure against the competition, but it is considered a glass cannon, and it won’t be able to take toom any hits. Luckily, you can swap to Bastiodon, a tank Pokémon made to take multiple hits, and it can dish out plenty of damage, too.

  • Stunfisk (Galarian): Mud shot (fast move), rock slide, and earthquake
  • Sneasler: Shadow Claw (fast move), Close Combat, and X-Scissor
  • Bastiodon: Smack Down (fast move), Stone Edge, and Flamethrower

Walrein, Araquanid, and Regirock

For everyone’s favorite, we have a team featuring Walrein, who has quickly move up throughout the Great League as a viable option. When you have Walrein on your team, we recommend adding Araquanid and Regirock to it. Araquanid is a superb Lead Pokémon that can take multiple hits, and dishes out some decent damage. However, it does lack any shield pressure. You can make up for it with Walrein and Regirock as the closer, one of the bulkier choices in Pokémon Go.

  • Walrein: Powder snow (fast move), icicle spear, and earthquake
  • Araquanid: Bug bite (fast move), bug buzz, and bubble beam
  • Regirock: Lock on (fast move), stone edge, and focus blast

Registeel, Altaria, and Alolan Marowak (Shadow)

For this final team, we have Registeel, Altaria, and the shadow version of Alolan Marowak. You’ll want to place Registeel as your Closer, capable of taking multiple hits and dishing out even more damage. Altaria is an excellent attack, with a solid moveset to take on multiple types of Pokémon that you might face. Finally, we have Marowak, a solid Lead Pokémon capable of surprising your opponent before the others arrive, potentially baiting out their shields.

  • Registeel: Lock on (fast move), focus blast, and zap cannon
  • Altaria: Dragon breath (fast move), sky attack, and moonblast
  • Marowak (Alolan, Shadow): Fire spin (fast move), shadow bone, and bone club
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