Best teams for the Great League in Pokémon Go

Take your first steps into the player versus player battles of the Great League

Image via Niantic

Pokémon Go‘s battle league is broken up into three divisions. There’s the Great League, the Ultra League, and the Masters League. They’re similar, but a little different when it comes to the rules of what Pokémon they allow you to use to fight. For the Great League, you can only use Pokémon that are at, or below, a max CP of 1,500.

You have a variety of choices to pick from, and a big problem is knowing what the place together. You may want to become familiar with battle league terms to help you climb through the ranks of each league. You can only take three Pokémon with you for each fight.

We created a handful of potential teams of some of the best Pokémon for you to pick and their best moves. Some of these Pokémon vary in how expensive they are to unlock their second charge move using stardust and candies. Think about picking and choosing your team based on your limited resources. You may want to mix and match these choices to fit better what you’ve been facing in the Great League.

Marshtomp, Skarmory, Medicham

Image via the Pokémon Company from Bulbapedia

Marshtomp has some pretty hefty defenses, and a suitable attack to back it up using abilities such as mud shot, surf, and mud bomb. It’s only weakness is Grass-type attacks, but unfortunately, it’s a double weakness for it’s Water and Ground-type, making it extremely vulnerable to these moves. If you can switch in your Steel and Flying-type, Skarmory, you should be able to handle it. This Pokémon is capable of doing some heavy damage with the air slash, sky attack, and flash cannon. But you could also go about it with your Fighting and Psychic-type Medicham, which can know counter, dynamic punch, and psychic. You may want to save Marshtomp or Skarmory for last, depending on what your opponents are using.

  • Marshtomp: Max CP – 1,776, Attack – 156, Defense – 133, Stamina – 172
  • Skarmory: Max CP – 2,108, Attack – 148, Defense – 226, Stamina – 163
  • Medicham: Max CP – 1,431, Attack – 121, Defense – 152, Stamina – 155

Azumarill, Flygon, and Hariyama

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Azumarill is a great choice as a Water and Fairy-type option, and its best moves consist of bubble, hydro pump, and play rough. It’s weak to some of the underdog choices of the great league, notably the Electric, Grass, and Poison-type options. To help counter those weak to it, consider a suitable Ground-type such as Flygon, it’s a Ground and Dragon-type capable of knowing mud show, earthquake, and dragon claw. You primarily want to use Flygon to waste an opponent’s shields, though. To round out your team, a Fighting-type like Hariyama could do well, especially if it knows counter, dynamic punch, and super power.

  • Azumarill: Max CP – 1,588, Attack – 112, Defense – 152, Stamina – 225
  • Flygon: Max CP – 2,661, Attack – 205, Defense – 168, Stamina – 190
  • Hariyama: Max CP – 2,829, Attack – 209, Defense – 114, Stamina – 302

Skarmory, Lapras, Jolteon

As mentioned previously, Skarmory is an excellent choice for the great league. You can optimize it with various teams, and a Skarmory backed by a Lapras and a Jolteon could serve you well for your initial matches. A Lapras that knows frost breath, surf, and ice beam can be devastating, especially against an opponent not suspecting the ice beam from it. To ensure Lapras doesn’t become outflanked by an Electric-type, Jolteon can quickly come in for the assist, and all the better if it knows thunder shock, discharge, and thunderbolt.

  • Skarmory: Max CP – 2,108, Attack – 148, Defense – 226, Stamina – 163
  • Lapras: Max CP – 2,614, Attack – 165, Defense – 174, Stamina – 277
  • Jolteon: Max CP – 2,888, Attack – 232, Defense – 182, Stamina -163

Whiscash, Ninetales, Machoke

Image via the Pokémon Company from Bulbapedia

Another Water and Ground-type, Whiscash, has little to fear other than Grass-type Pokémon. You want it to know mud shot, blizzard, and mud bomb to have some heavy firepower in the Great League. To help back it up if your opponent has any Grass-types to throw at you, make sure to have a Ninetales at the ready. It should do well to do some heavy damage against them, especially if it knows ember, overheat, and flamethrower. To round it all, try using a Machoke that knows karate chop, dynamic punch, and cross chop.

  • Whiscash: Max CP – 2,075, Attack – 151, Defense – 141, Stamina – 242
  • Ninetales: Max CP – 2,279, Attack – 169, Defense – 190, Stamina – 177
  • Machoke: Max CP – 2,031, Attack – 177, Defense – 125, Stamina – 190

Steelix, Azumarill, Medicham

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Image via the Pokémon Company from Bulbapedia

The Steel and Ground-type Steelix is a suitable starter option, but it has a handful of weaknesses you need to think about, namely the Fighting and Water-type. If you can have it learn dragon tail, earthquake, and crunch, it can offer plenty of optional attacks for you. To back it up, you want Medicham covering its Fighting-type weakness, especially if you can optimize on its Fighting and Psychic-typing and attacks. To round out the team, Azumarill is a heavy hitter with plenty to offer offensively. You may want to consider leaving Steelix in reserve or using them immediately, depending on how you fare against your opponents in this league.

  • Steelix: Max CP – 2,414, Attack – 148, Defense – 272, Stamina – 181
  • Azumarill: Max CP – 1,588, Attack 112, Defense – 152, Stamina – 225
  • Medicham: Max CP – 1,431, Attack – 121, Defense – 152, Stamina – 155