Best teams for the Great League in Pokémon Go Battle League Season 8 – July 2021

The Pokémon Great League has returned for Season 8, with some changes to the meta.

Image via Niantic

The next part of Pokémon Go’s Battle League has started, and the second round of the Great League is underway for Season 8. We’re a bit more educated and ready to proceed through the next round of battles following the initial changes that hit at the start of Season 8, giving many Poison-type Pokémon much more use for multiple teams. We’re going to list some of the best teams you could use in the Great League during the second round, which will take place from July 12 to 26. We’ve also posted a tier list for you to pick some of the best choices for your team.

Altaria, Politoed (shadow), and Registeel

If you’ve been eager to use an Altaria, you’re going to enjoy duking it out against other players using it as your Lead Pokémon. It’s a bulky choice with an effective fast move that allows it to place down some heavy pressure against its opponents. You want to pair it up with the destructive shadow version of Politoed and the extremely defensive Registeel. Registeel will excel as your Closer Pokémon, save them for last, and have your shadow Politoed in the Switch slot.

  • Altaria: Dragon breath (fast move), sky attack, and moonblast
  • Politoed (shadow): Mud shot (fast move), weather ball (Water-type), and earthquake
  • Registeel: Lock on (fast move), focus blast, and flash cannon

Galarian Stunfisk, Medicham, and Deoxys (Defense)

This is probably one of the more difficult teams we could formulate, but if you have these three Pokémon, you should place them together in the Great League and use them. Galarian Stunfisk is a superb Lead Pokémon, capable of doing plenty of damage and withstanding several attacks. It has excellent shield pressure and is quite defensive. In the Switch role, you can use Medicham, a powerful Fighting and Psychic-type Pokémon. Finally, the legendary Deoxys (Defense) can hold the line for your final option and cause trouble to nearly any Pokémon it fights.

  • Galarian Stunfisk: Mud shot (fast move), rock slide, and earthquake
  • Medicham: Counter (fast move), ice punch, and psychic
  • Deoxys (Defense): Counter (fast move), psycho boost, and thunderbolt

Beedrill (shadow), Cresselia, and Bastiodon

If you’ve been enjoying the various changes that have arrived for Poison-type Pokémon and attack users, we have a team you might want to consider using. You can place a shadow version of Beedrill as your Lead Pokémon, where it has some solid fast move and shield pressure given its primary attack, but it is a little weak. So you want to use some defensive Pokémon to change it up. Cresselia can be in the Switch role, ready to swap out with Beedrill when it needs it, and your last Pokémon, Bastiodon, can hold the line as your Closer.

  • Beedrill (shadow): Poison jab (fast move), drill run, and x-scissor
  • Cresselia: Psycho cut (fast move), grass knot, and moonblast
  • Bastiodon: Smack down (fast move), stone edge, and flamethrower

Lucario, Jellicent, and Skarmory

When you want to use a Fighting-type Pokémon, you have several choices in the Great League. A more brutal glass cannon that some Pokémon have trouble with is Lucario, capable of fitting into multiple roles for your Pokémon team, but it does well in the Lead role. You can use Jellicent in the Switch role for backup, swapping in when Lucario takes too much damage. For your final Pokémon, we’re going to recommend Skarmory, another robust Steel-type Pokémon.

  • Lucario: Counter (fast move), shadow ball, and power-up punch
  • Jellicent: Hex (fast move), shadow ball, and bubble beam
  • Skarmory: Air slash (fast move), brave bird, and sky attack

Scrafty, Drapion (shadow), and Magnezone (shadow)

Our final lineup features a notable Great League Pokémon, Scrafty. It’s a reliable Dark and Fighting-type Pokémon, ready to deal plenty of damage against most combatants, and has a decent stat boost charged move it can use to increase its power. For your switch Pokémon, you want to go with the shadow person of Drapion, and for the final option, the shadow version of Magnezone is ready to battle it out with a heavy Steel-type shell, making it hard to defeat in the Closer role.

  • Scrafty: Counter (fast move), foul play, and power-up punch
  • Drapion (shadow): Poison stinge (fast move), aqua tail, and sludge bomb
  • Magnezone (shadow): Spark (fast move), wild charge, and mirror shot