Best teams for the Great League in Pokémon Go – June 2022

The Pokémon Great League has returned for the second half of Season 9.

Image via Niantic

The Great League has returned for Pokémon Go’s Season 11 of the battle league. Here, you’ll have the chance to use a handful of Pokémon against other trainers worldwide in a heated competition. You can only use Pokémon that do not exceed 1,500 CP, limiting your options for teams. These are the best teams for the Great League you can use in Pokémon Go for June 2022.

Best Pokémon for Great League

Trevenant, Swampert (Shadow), and Bastiodon

Trevenant is a powerful choice, a Ghost and Grass-type Pokémon that is feared by many. With the capacity for a good amount of shield pressure, we highly recommend it as your lead Pokémon. Alongside it, you can use a shadow version of Swampert, capable of destroying an opponent’s shields with its quickfire charged moves, and then Bastiodon for its rounded defenses.

  • Trevenant: Shadow claw (fast move), seed bomb, and shadow ball
  • Swampert (Shadow): Mud shot (fast move), hydro cannon, and sludge wave
  • Bastiodon: Smack down (fast move), stone edge, and flamethrower

Medicham, Lickitung, and Nidoqueen (Shadow)

Next, we have Medicham, a robust lead Pokémon capable of destroying the competition. Medicham is a superb choice, and alongside it, you’ll want to add Lickitung and the shadow version of Nidoqueen. Lickitung has plenty of potential as an extremely bulky Switch option, and Nidoqueen is a flexible option in any role you need to use them.

  • Medicham: Counter (fast move), ice punch, and psychic
  • Lickitung: Lick (fast move), body slap and power whip
  • Nidoqueen (Shadow): Poison jab (fast move), poison fang, and earth power

Stunfisk (Galarian), Sableye, and Lurantis

For this team, you’ll want to use Galarian Stunfisk as the Lead role. This form of Stunfisk can take several hits, capable of forcing your opponent to switch up their options throughout the encounter. We recommend having Sableye and Lurantis on your roster. Sableye can do a good amount of shield pressure against the competition, and Lurantis is an quick combatant, doing well as a Closer or Switch. Lurantis is one of the weaker choices in this line-up, and you might have to switch its role during a battle.

  • Stunfisk (Galarian): Mud shot (fast move), rock slide, and earthquake
  • Sableye: Shadow claw (fast move), foul play, and shadow sneak
  • Lurantis: Fury cutter (fast move), leaf blade, and superpower

Walrein, Araquanid, and Regirock

For everyone’s favorite, we have a team featuring Walrein, who has quickly move up throughout the Great League as a viable option. When you have Walrein on your team, we recommend adding Araquanid and Regirock to it. Araquanid is a superb Lead Pokémon that can take multiple hits, and dishes out some decent damage. However, it does lack any shield pressure. You can make up for it with Walrein and Regirock as the closer, one of the bulkier choices in Pokémon Go.

  • Walrein: Powder snow (fast move), icicle spear, and earthquake
  • Araquanid: Bug bite (fast move), bug buzz, and bubble beam
  • Regirock: Lock on (fast move), stone edge, and focus blast

Registeel, Altaria, and Marowak (Alolan, Shadow)

For this time final team, we have Registeel, Altaria, and the shadow version of Alolan Marowak. You’ll want to place Registeel as your Closer, capable of taking multiple hits and dishing out even more damage. Altaria is an excellent attack, with a solid moveset to take on multiple types of Pokémon that you might face. Finally, we have Marowak, a solid Lead Pokémon capable of surprising your opponent before the others arrive, potentially baiting out their shields.

  • Registeel: Lock on (fast move), focus blast, and zap cannon
  • Altaria: Dragon breath (fast move), sky attack, and moonblast
  • Marowak (Alolan, Shadow): Fire spin (fast move), shadow bone, and bone club