The Great League tier list in Pokémon Go Battle League Season 9 – Best Pokémon – September 2021

The best Pokémon to use in the Great League Pokémon Go meta.

Image via Niantic

We’re in the thick of it with the second half of Pokémon Go’s Battle League in Season 8. We’ve already gone through the first round of battles following the many changes that occurred at the start of the PvP season, and there were plenty of changes to consider, especially for players who had been looking forward to using more Poison-type Pokémon. However, after the first round, everyone’s a bit more educated and has honed their skills since last time. Here are some of our predictions for the second round for the Great League tier list.

This will be the second round of battles, and they take place from August 30 to September 13.

Great league tier list

Lead tier list

The Pokémon in your lead spot will be the first one you use in battle. Therefore, you want to make sure they’re a bulky option, capable of handling whatever Pokémon type your opponent can throw at you during these battles.

SAlolan Ninetales, Beedrill (Shadow), Galarian Stunfisk, Jellicent, Machamp (Shadow), Medicham, Pidgeot, and Scrafty
AAltaria, Azumarill, Diggersby, Granbull (Shadow), Magnezone, Mantine, Nidoqueen (Shadow), and Politoed (Shadow)
BAbomasnow (Shadow), Gardevoir (Shadow), Lickitung, Pelipper, Primeape, Sableye, Skarmory, and Swampert (Shadow)
CCresselia, Dewgong, Dragagle, Roserade, Talonflame, Togekiss, Tropius, and Whimsicott
DAromatisse, Flygon (Shadow), Galvantula, Obstagoon, Regirock, Sylveon, Vigoroth, and Whishcash

You want to pick a suitable Lead Pokémon that will catch your opponent off guard and make sure they deal plenty of damage, but they need to take a few punches as well. You want to avoid having any glass cannons in this role and make sure to use at least one shield for them.

Switch tier list

These will be the ideal switch Pokémon. These are normally in your second or third slot and will be the Pokémon you swap out when using your first or final Pokémon, normally to protect against specific counters for your team.

SCresselia, Drapion (Shadow), Galarian Stunfisk, Mew, Pelipper, Politoed, Sableye, and Zangoose
AFroslass, Galvantula, Jellicent, Lapras (Shadow), Lickitung, Medicham, Qwilfish, and Vigoroth
BDrifblim, Electivire, Machamp (Shadow), Pidgeot, Seaking, Snorlax, Suicune, and Umbreon
CGallade (Shadow), Gliscor, Goodra, Lucario, Mandibuzz, Regirock, Sealeo (Shadow), and Sirfetch’d
DDragonair, Golbat (Shadow), Gyarados (Shadow), Hitmonchan (Shadow), Muk (Shadow), Primeape, Registeel, and Skuntank (Shadow)

The Switch Pokémon will be the one causing quite a bit of damage that you can swap to prevent your Lead or Closer Pokémon from taking an attack. If you’re trying to save your Lead Pokémon from fainting from a straight battle, you can move your Switch Pokémon on, and they can do some serious damage. You want to reserve at least one shield for this choice or two if you’re more comfortable with your bulky Lead Pokémon.

Closer tier list

The Pokémon in the Closer position in your Battle League team will be the final Pokémon you use against your opponent. It needs to be a hybrid of being a bulky Pokémon and has enough power to defeat the final choice of your opponent.

SAltaria, Azumarill, Bastiodon, Deoxys (Defense), Lanturn, Regice, Regirock, and Registeel
AAlomomola, Chesnaught, Froslass, Galarian Stunfisk, Hitmontop, Magnezone (Shadow), Quagsire, and Skarmory (Shadow)
BChansey, Falinks, Ferrothorn, Heracross, Ludicolo, Meganium, Sableye, and Steelix
CAlolan Ninetales, Alolan Raichu, Blastoise, Cradily, Medicham, Pachirisu, Scrafty, and Serperior
DEmpoleon, Excadrill, Forretress, Hariyama (Shadow), Hypno, Lapras, Lugia, and Wobbuffet

Your Closer Pokémon will want to have a high amount of defense and stamina, but you don’t want to forget about making sure they have a decent amount of attack power, either. That’s what makes Registeel, Regice, and Regirock some of the best Pokémon to fill this role. They’re incredibly robust, and they have a good series of charged attacks to destroy opponents. In addition, your Closer Pokémon should not require any shields to be useful.