Best Pokémon teams for the Halloween Cup in Pokémon Go – Halloween 2020

What are the best teams you can use?

Image via Niantic

For a limited time in Pokémon Go, you can participate in the Halloween Cup in the Pokémon Go battle league. The Halloween Cup will be happening from October 26 until the event ends on November 3. The rules for the cup are you must use a Ghost, Dark, Bug, Fairy, or Poison-type Pokémon, and none of your team can stronger than 1,500 CP. That doesn’t give you too much wiggle room to create an ideal roster, but we have a handful of suggestions you can use to take home some exclusive rewards before the event ends.

Best teams for the Halloween Cup – Halloween 2020

Gengar, Umbreon, and Galvantula

Those who want to use your new costumed Gengar, pair it up with Umbreon and Galvantula, and you should have a good time. While the team won’t be exceptionally tanky, you’ll be able to do some hefty damage to your opponents, and you can hit nearly anything your opponent sends at you. Here are the best movesets for each one.

  • Gengar: Shadow claw, shadow punch, and shadow ball
  • Umbreon: Snarl, foul play, and last resort
  • Galvantula: Volt switch, discharge, and lunge

Mandibuzz, Galvantula, and Wigglytuff

Did you capture Mandibuzz by acquiring enough red eggs? Now’s a great time to use it in the Halloween Cup. You can have it fight alongside Galvantula and Wigglytuff to do some serious work against your opponents, and you can expect to have plenty of success with it.

  • Galvantula: Volt switch, lunge, discharge
  • Mandibuzz: Air slash, foul play, and aerial ace
  • Wigglytuff: Charm, ice beam, and play rough

Azumarill, Zweilous, and Alolan Marowak

Another fundamental choice for the Halloween Cup is Azumarill. It has some fairly decent damage, and can handle a majority of choices you’ll face in these battles. You’ll want to bring Zweilous and Alolan Marowak for backup.

  • Azumarill: Bubble, ice beam, and play rough (or hydro pump)
  • Zweilous: Dragon breath, body slam, and dark pulse
  • Alolan Marowak: Fire spin, shadow ball, and bone club

Drifblim, Beedrill, and Mandibuzz

For those who caught plenty of Drifblim during the Catch Mastery event, it is now a great time to put the best one to the test. You can have it fight alongside Beedrill and Mandibuzz to take some of the tougher targets, but you can hit some of the decent choices in the Halloween Cup.

  • Drifblim: Hex, shadow ball, and ice wind
  • Beedrill: Poison jab, X-scissor, and drill run
  • Mandibuzz: Air slash, foul play, and aerial ace

Skuntank, Azumarill, and Mandibuzz

The final team we recommend you bring out for the Halloween Cup features Skuntank. You want to pair it with Azumarill and Mandibuzz to have plenty of coverage across any other Pokémon you may encounter in the cup. You should find yourself with a powerful team and taking home plenty of wins.

  • Skunktank: Poison jab, crunch, and flamethrower
  • Azumarill: Bubble, ice beam, and hydro pump
  • Mandibuzz: Air slash, foul play, and aerial ace