The best Pokémon teams for the Ultra League Premier Cup in Pokémon Go Battle League Season 8 – August 2021

What are some of the best choices?

Image via Niantic

The Premier Cup for the Ultra League has returned to Pokémon Go. It is happening from August 9 to 23, and you have to chance to participate if you’re not looking to enter any of the Master League competitions. The Ultra League Premier Cup works slightly differently than the traditional Ultra League. You still cannot use any Pokémon stronger than 2,500 CP, and all players are prohibited from using any mythical or legendary Pokémon. Beyond that, every Pokémon is available.

This guide details the best teams that we can recommend for the Ultra Cup Premier League. We have another guide that shows a tier list for the best Pokémon that you can use if you’re looking to create your own combinations.

The best Pokémon teams for the Premier Ultra League

Nidoqueen (Shadow), Zangoose, and Skarmory

Season 8 has seen more trainers reliably using Nidoqueen, the shadow version, far more often. Most players use her in the Great League, but she has some great use in the Ultra League. We highly recommend using her. In the Switch Role, you want to use Zangoose, a Pokémon capable of spamming most of its attack. But it is a glass cannon. To back it up, you want to use Skarmory and rely on its Steel-type to keep it in the fight.

  • Nidoqueen (Shadow): Poison jab (fast move), earth power, and poison fang
  • Zangoose: Shadow claw (fast move), close combat, and night slash
  • Skarmory: Air flash (fast move), brave bird, and sky attack

Abomasnow, Bouffalant, and Electivire (Shadow)

A favorite for players in the Ultra League is Abomasnow. It’s a powerful Ice and Grass-type, with a huge weakness to most Fire-type attacks. You want to be careful using this Pokémon as your lead choice, but it has what it takes to duke it out. In the Switch role, you want to use the Normal-type Bouffalant. For the final Closer Pokémon, Electivire, the shadow version, can hold the line.

  • Abomasnow: Powder snow (fast move), weather ball (Ice-type), and energy ball
  • Bouffalant: Mud shot (fast move), stomp, and skull bash
  • Electivire (Shadow): Thunder shock (fast move), ice punch, and wild charge

Primeape, Dragalge, and Stunfisk (Galarian)

If you prefer using a Fighting-type starter, we recommend having Primeape at the ready for your Lead role. It has plenty of attacks it can spam and even better fast move pressure. While it is a glass cannon, you can make sure to have Stunfisk, the Galarian forme, as your Closer Pokémon. Stunfisk is one of the better choices for this competition, and it will be difficult to beat. For the Switch, we’re going to recommend Dragalge.

  • Primeape: Counter (fast move), close combat, and night slash
  • Dragalge: Dragon tail (fast move), aqua tail, and outrage
  • Stunfisk (Galarian): Mud shot (fast move), rock slide, and earthquake

Swampert, Jellicent, and Venusaur

An old favorite for many PvP players is Swampert, the reliable Ground and Water-type. It’s only weak to Grass-type moves, so unless your opponent has one at the ready, Swampert will be a challenging Pokémon to beat. In the Switch role, Jellicent can do some reliable damage, but it is a bit risky to put these two together. If your opponent does have a counter to both Pokémon, you want to use Venusaur as the Closer.

  • Swampert: Mud shot (fast move), hydro cannon, and earthquake
  • Jellicent: Hex (fast move), bubble beam, and shadow ball
  • Venusaur: Vine whip (fast move), frenzy plant, and sludge bomb

Scrafty, Goodra, and Steelix

For the final team, we’re going to recommend you use the Dark and Fighting-type Pokémon, Scrafty. It’s a bulky, fast Pokémon capable of doing some pretty heavy damage against most opponents. For the Switch role, you want to use Goodra, a Dragon-type that is on the same wavelength as Scrafty, but with a Dragon, Water, and Grass-type series of attacks. The final Pokémon, Steelix, is a defensive Steel-type that can hold the line as the last Pokémon in your roster.

  • Scrafty: Counter (fast move), foul play, and power-up punch
  • Goodra: Dragon breath (fast move), power whip, and muddy water
  • Steelix: Dragon tail (fast move), crunch and earthquake