The 10 best Terraria mods, ranked

Pick the best mods to refresh your next playthrough.

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Even games as extensive and deep as Terraria sometimes need a bit of refreshing or an improvement to some of the game’s systems. Mods fill that niche, letting the players change some or all aspects of the game to give that next playthrough a new or different feel. As a very moddable game, Terraria has hundreds of mods on offer, and browsing through them to find the next one to try can be daunting. That’s why we have prepared our list of the 10 best mods to try in Terraria. 

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The best mods for Terraria

10. Boss Checklist

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In a game where boss fights are an important event that takes planning and preparation, it can be easy to forget the order to fight them or if you’ve killed them all. This simple mod provides you with a checklist of all bosses you’ve defeated or still have to fight. Even if you mod your game further, this mod will keep track of modded bosses for you as well.

9. Recipe Browser

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Another useful utility mod on our list, the Recipe Browser lets you follow the possible recipe branches of Terraria’s extensive crafting system. In many ways, this mod simplifies the crafting process as you will always know what you need to craft a certain item, especially when it comes to the multi-stage recipes later in the game. 

8. Arcania RPG

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One of the several RPG-enhancement mods available to the players of Terraria, Arcania RPG introduces factions and classes to the game, as well as increasing the overall difficulty. There is a strong story-driven narrative that supplants the open-world aspects of the game, making this mod great for players who are looking for something fresh.

7. Veinminer

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Not everyone enjoys the mining and resource-gathering aspects of Terraria. For those types of players, this mod will come in very handy, but even for others, there is some value to be found in excavating ore and terrain faster than having to repeatedly click on every node. Basically, with the help of a Veinminer hotkey, you can elect to mine whole veins of ore with just a single click. 

6. Magic Storage

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Storage management in Terraria can often be a total hassle, especially later on when all the resources you have gathered are strewn about in different containers. This mod allows you to connect several containers for easier browsing. You can also connect crafting stations so that you can use them together, and even set up remote access.

5. Super Terraria World

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This beloved mod has been around for a while and has gone through several iterations. It can be considered a full overhaul mod, as it practically turns Terraria into a fully realized RPG game. This mod features a skill system, quests, NPCs, adventures, and more. If you’re looking for a completely different Terraria experience, then this mod is a great starting point.

4. Calamity

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Calamity is an all-encompassing mod that expands upon the scope of Terraria by introducing more difficult content, 24 new bosses to defeat, thousands of new items, and hundreds of new enemies. There is also new ore to mine and new resources to discover. All in all, this mod extends the shelf life of your Terraria playthrough.

3. Thorium

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In a similar vein to Calamity, Thorium is a mod that expands the core Terraria mechanics for a longer and more challenging playthrough. This mod also introduces 11 new bosses, thousands of items, and hundreds of enemies, as well as new armor sets, tiles, blocks, and more. There are three new classes to try out — the Thrower, Bard, and Healer. 

2. N Terraria

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Among the mods that turn Terraria into more of an RPG experience, N Terraria stands out as one of the most feature-heavy in the bunch. It adds a leveling mechanic, better fleshed-out classes, quests, and even different races. All of this comes with the price of an increase in difficulty, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing either. 

1. Terraria Overhaul

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This mod is at the top of the list not only because of the number of features that it brings but also because it’s very vanilla-friendly. It expands upon existing features of the game while adding a few new game mechanics, such as seasons changing every 12 days. There is also an overhaul to the combat system that introduces dodge rolls, climbing, and combat techniques.