Pokemon x Higround Mechanical Keyboard Reveal Has Fans Sweating With Anticipation

Pokemon and Higround have come together to introduce a stunning like of mechanical keyboards perfect for fans of the franchise.

Pokemon x Higround Mechanical Keyboard Collection

Image via Higround/Pokemon

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There are few things Pokemon fans like less than swag, and the newly announced Pokemon x Higround mechanical keyboard collection is a treasure many are itching to jump on. The stunning lineup is an official collaboration, and one die-hard fans shouldn’t miss.

Mechanical keyboards, unlike membrane keyboards, operate on switches under the keys for a more accurate, speedy typing experience. While this is a plus for writing essays, it’s particularly important for pro gamers, who need keyboard responses to match breakneck gameplay. The wrong keyboard can be the difference between winning or losing. Unfortunately, many mechanical keyboards lack the style or flare that elevates a desk setup. Thankfully, Higround has gamers covered.

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Pokemon x Higround Collab Brings Pokemon Keyboards For The Holidays

In a stunning reveal on Twitter, Higround has given a sneak peak at the Pokemon mechanical keyboard collaboration set to release on December 8, 2023 at 12 PM PT.

The keyboards unveiled in two different tweets show Charizard, Blastoise, Venusaur, and Mewtwo as featured options, as well as several designs covered in Pokeballs. The collection will include multiple keyboard types, as well as mousepads and jellybags. Pokemon fans looking to learn more can see the breakout on the Higround website.

Fans in the comments are losing it over the Pokemon x Higround mechanical keyboard collaboration, with some sharing gifs that contain a worrying amount of sweat. Others are proclaiming their need for such stylish keyboard options, eager to jump in and purchase one when they release later this week.

One fan has announced they “I NEED THEM SO BAD”, while another adds “Charizard X is so needed for this. Make a mega evolution collection too”. Many gamers have also vocalized a desire for keycaps, though at the time of writing, there hasn’t been a confirmation of keycaps as an option for the collaboration.

Mechanical Keyboards are a fantastic investment for any gamer, at-home worker, college student, or general computer enthusiast. Having the opportunity to switch out an old membrane keyboard or lackluster mechanical with a bright, colorful option from this Pokemon x Higround collaboration is the perfect way to spruce up a desk. With luck, fans will see an expansion of the collection, potentially adding other favorites to the lineup like Eevee, Lucario, or Sylveon.

This Pokemon x Higround mechanical keyboard collaboration could also be the perfect gift if someone is looking to add a practical, personalized present to their holiday list.