Best ways to earn money in Jurassic World Evolution 2

Make the most profits and keep your dinosaurs happy.

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You won’t be able to keep your park running in Jurassic World Evolution 2 if you run out of money. Making sure the dinosaurs are in check is costly work, and the scientists you employ to help you engineer new attractions are just as essential. Unfortunately, everything comes with a price. Here’s what you need to know about earning money in Jurassic World Evolution 2 and the best ways to keep your income high.

Food, drink, and shopping amenities

You’ll need to set up several food, drink, and shopping amenities throughout your park. These are prime locations for your visitors to spend quite a bit of money on any refreshments, food, or items they want to purchase while visiting your park. You’ll need to place these throughout the park at strategic locations and not bunched together.


If your residents want to stay in the park overnight, you’ll have the option to create hotels throughout the facility to ensure they have a place to stay. These locations can be pretty costly, but they typically profit you the most while you’re managing your park and ensure you have business nearly 24 hours a day. The more residents you visit your park, the more hotels you’ll need to create to hold their interest.

Take pictures of dinosaurs

Another way you can go out of your way to some quick money is to take photographs of the dinosaurs wandering around their enclosure. You can do this by taking direct control of your helicopter Capture team, flying over the dinosaurs, and snapping a quick photograph. You usually want to wait a few seconds for them to be doing something exciting before grabbing the photograph.

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Avoid lawyer fees

Avoiding lawyer fees is a great way to ensure your profits stay in the green, and you don’t dip down into the red. The best way to avoid lawyer fees is to build several emergency shelters to protect your residents from dinosaurs and potential weather dangers and to ensure your dinosaurs are happy. If your dinosaurs are delighted, they have no reason to break out of their enclosure and rampage around your park.

Monitor ticket sale interests

Your ticket sales are critical to ensure you meet your resident’s demands and provide them with all of the amenities you need. You can view your ticket sales by viewing your park’s rating, and you’ll see the four interests: General, adventure, nature, and luxury. Depending on what guests are purchasing specific interests, you’ll want to match the available activities on your facility. For example, suppose more residents are visiting because of nature. In that case, you want to make sure the dinosaurs are comfortable, there are several viewing platforms for them to use, and there’s an innovation center they can enjoy.

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