Cuphead – All Weapons And How Much Damage It Does On Enemies

There are a lot of weapons to use in Cuphead, but the best ones are those that do too much damage to the enemies. Is there any parameter or official stats page which shows how much damage does a specific weapons does to an enemies in Cuphead? The answer is NO, but Reddit user Hypen-ated has created a table list all weapons in Cuphead and how much damage it does to the enemy. Here’s how he calcuate the figure for the damage, Hypen-ated says: “I used the tool “Cheat Engine” to monitor how a boss’s HP changed after being shot”. Let’s check out All Weapons In Cuphead And How Much Damage It Does.

Cuphead Best Weapons

Weapons And Damage It Does To Enemies

1. Axe parry

  • Damage: 16

2. Charge (max / uncharged)

Charge Charge Attack Charge Attack Damage Projectile

This attack looks like a wave of Fire shooting at the enemy. You will be able to fire a light damage projectile when you release the button before the charge gets completed.

  • Damage: 52 / 6
  • DPS: 40.00 or 37.5 / 22.5
  • In-Game Description: “Hold attack to increase damage. No rapid fire, so precision is key.”

3. Charge EX

Charge Ex Attack

  • Damage: 27
  • EX – Radial Barrage: It will Release a big area of effect burst which will damage the boss a lot, but it is short range.

4. Chaser

Chaser Chaser Weapon Chaser Weapon Ex Chaos Orbit

This one will make half of the damage in compared to the Peashooter, by releasing small and slow projectile of stars which are green in color. These directly go and hit their nearby targets, no matter which direction you are firing it in. It is best to use when you want to play the game while dodging and don’t worry about the time that it will take to take down the boss.

  • Damage: 2.6
  • DPS: 15.6
  • EX – Chaos Orbit: This creates a protective circle of bigger stars around the player as a shield, which protects from the other Minions
  • In Game Description: “Long range with below-average damage. No aiming required.”

5. Lobber

Lobber Lobber Weapon

This is a purple colored ball that has got a little of bounce in it, which goes up when fired but bounces back until it has its bounce and then bursts. The only drawback is that it has less range, But best use against those bosses who don’t move.

  • Damage: 11.6
  • DPS: 33.14
  • In-Game Description: “Medium range and good damage with a slower rate of fire.”

6. Lobber EX

Lobber Weapon Ex Kablooey

  • Damage: 28
  • EX – Kablooey: The Purple Sphere gets big and got a larger area of effect while having the same gravity in it. So shooting it upwards or on the corners will probably miss your shot.

7. Mini plane bullet

Mini Plane Bullet

This is nothing but the bullets that are been fired from the mini version of the plane. It has got a very low damage, but the best weapon to unlock the Zulu P-26 achievement. Where you have to play all the phases with just a Mini Plane. you can refer to our guide for a complete guide for Zulu P-26 achievement.

  • Damage: 2
  • DPS: 20

8. Peashooter

Peashooter Weapon

This one shoots light blue colored bullets, it is the standard weapon given to players. It travels in a straight line.

  • Damage: 4
  • DPS: 30

9. Peashooter EX

Peashooter Weapon Ex Mega Blast

  • Damage: 8.33 per hit, maximum 25
  • DPS: 30
  • EX – Mega Blast: It is a perfect blast mode of the pea, where a heavy damage blast can be shoot in your preferred direction.

10. Plane bomb

It attacks with a normal bomb, that will attack a bit in the downward direction and has a good area of damage. It is best to use when you don’t want to be in a single position.

  • Damage: 11.5
  • DPS: 37.3

11. Plane bomb EX

EX – Magnet Mine/Missile: It Fires a set of Magnets that hit into the nearby enemies and then explode. It is best used when you want to clear the screen filled with the enemies.

  • Damage: 6 per hit, maximum 54
  • DPS: 37.3

12. Plane bullet

Plane Bullet Weapon

It shoots bullets like a Peashooter with a higher velocity and a good amount of damage

  • Damage: 4
  • DPS: 40

13. Plane bullet EX

Plane Bullet Weapon Ex Chomper Missile

  • Damage: 15 per hit
  • DPS: 40
  • EX – Chomper Missile: When your one card is completely up you can use this chomper missile. It starts slow but then catches speed and chomps all that comes in his way. A best one to use against bosses.

14. Plane super bomb

Plane Super Bomb

It completely transforms your character into a giant bomb and slows down the movement speed, while disabling other attacks for a while. When the player hits the target it has a huge area of effect on the enemy. Be careful with anything coming in contact with it will detonate the Bomb before you get to your target.

  • Damage: 152
  • DPS: 40

15. Roundabout

Roundabout Roundabout Weapon

It is a turquoise colored unclosed ring that acts like a Boomerang. It travels for a distance when fired and then returns back with a higher velocity. It is used best when you want your back to be protected. Best to use when there are two bosses who attack from both the sides of the screens or when a boss follows you a lot.

  • Damage: 8.5
  • DPS: 31.875
  • In-Game Description: “Great coverage with average damage. Aim backward for maximum range.”

16. Roundabout EX

Roundabout Weapon Ex Jumbo Rebound

  • Damage: 5 per hit, maximum 35
  • DPS: 31.875
  • EX – Jumbo Rebound: This one lets you launch a total of 8 bigger, thicker rings that keeps on coming back to the player until all the 8 rings are been used or any one of them touches the player.

17. Spread

Spread Spread Weapon

The best gun with a great damage but for a shorter range, which looks like a red spiky arrow. It works best when you get up close to your enemy and there are many minions in the screen coming from different directions.

  • Damage: 6.2
  • DPS: 41.33
  • In-Game Description: “Short-range with great damage — if you can keep close to your target.”

18. Spread EX

Spread Weapon Ex Eight Way

  • Damage: 5 per shot
  • DPS: 41.33
  • EX – Eight Way: It fires 8 spiky arrows, but this time larger than the earlier and also deal a heavy damage. They are a bit slow in movement. It is best to use against bosses like Psycarrot, Goopy’s Tombstone and Beppi’s Balloon and Carousel.

19. Super Art 1 (Energy Beam)

Super Art 1

It pauses for a while and then the players get in the air and fires a heavy beam of light causing a huge damage to the enemy.

  • Damage: 87

20. Super Art 3 (Giant Ghost)

Super Art 3

You will be able to summon a Ghost which will constantly spin and deal a heavy damage to your enemy. You have the control of both the characters while making it more difficult for you to control both of them at the same time.

  • Damage: 4 per hit, maximum 112

That’s all for this guide on All Best Weapons in Cuphead. Stay tuned for more updates. Till then do refer to our Cuphead Wiki for more vital and interesting details on Cuphead.

Source: Reddit