How to summon Game Djimmi and get double health in Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course

Get your wishes granted.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Cuphead added a ton of new bosses and weapons with its Delicious Last Course DLC, but there’s another bonus that’s easy to miss. Whether you’re on the main game’s three isles or visiting the DLC region, you’ll be able to summon a character called the Game Djimmi. Here’s how to do it.

Screenshot by Gamepur

How to summon Game Djimmi in Cuphead

Finding the Game Djimmi is actually quite easy, provided you have The Delicious Last Course installed. At any point on any map, simply walk around in a tight circle repeatedly. Not many folks play Cuphead on PC with their keyboard and mouse, but if you do, note that this is much easier to do with a controller.

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After a few rotations, the genie will appear on screen. As you can see in the screenshot above, the Game Djimmi is identical to Djimmi the Great, one of the best Cuphead bosses. Fortunately, this one is here to help.

What does Game Djimmi do in Cuphead?

Upon summoning the genie, you’ll ‘have your wishes granted,’ aka, your base health will double for the next run ‘n gun level or boss fight. Note that it’s base health, meaning you’ll go from three pips to six as Cuphead or Mugman. If you equip the Heart or Twin Heart, their respective +1 and +2 HP bonuses are tacked onto that number. If you play as Miss Chalice, then you’ll get eight total health, because her base is already four.

It’s a great boost, but it does come with some caveats. First off, the bonus health only applies to stages in Simple and Regular mode; Expert mode is still as-is. Furthermore, clearing a stage with the Game Djimmi bonus active automatically reduces your score by a full letter grade. You can only get S Ranks in Expert mode as it is, but it’s still important to be aware. Finally, the Great Djimmi can be summoned at any time, but only a certain number of times on a first playthrough — three, to be exact. Once you beat the game, you’ll be able to summon it as often as you wish. If you finish the base game before starting the DLC, it could make all the new bosses a breeze.