How to summon Game Djimmi and get double health in Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course

He’s on your side this time.

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With the inclusion of the Delicious Last Course in Cuphead, there are a bunch of new fights to be had and features to take advantage of. One of these features can be very useful for you if you are struggling to beat a certain boss, but it can be very easy to miss. By using Game Djimmi, you can get more health to help you complete that level you are struggling with. Here is how to summon Game Djimmi in Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course.

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How to unlock Game Djimmi in Cuphead

Finding the Game Djimmi is actually quite easy, provided you have The Delicious Last Course installed. At any time while you are on the level select map, simply walk around in a tight circle repeatedly. After a few spins, a short cutscene will play where Game Djimmi will appear saying he grants you infinite wishes on Simple and Regular Modes. If you are on PC and having trouble getting this to work, it is probably easier to do with a controller than on a keyboard.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Game Djimmi is a boss that you fight in the main game’s story. Him helping Cuphead, Mugman, and Miss Chalice out here has to do with them beating the Devil and freeing his soul which was under contract.

After Djimmi has been summoned, your health will be doubled for the next level you go into. This is your base health that is being increased, so Cuphead and Mugman will have six hearts, while Miss Chalice has eight. You can then equip the Heart or Twin Heart to get even more health added on top of it.

As Game Djimmi says, this is only applicable to Simple and Regular Modes. This will not apply if you try to face a boss in Expert. Additionally, your letter grade at the end of the fight will automatically be reduced a full letter due to you having more help. If you have not completed the Delicious Last Course story yet, you can do this up to three times. After beating it once, you can do it anytime you want the extra help when going back to beat up those bosses.