Best wheels in Rocket League

Make sure your car looks its best before rolling onto the field.

Best Wheels in Rocket League

Rocket League is essentially just soccer with cars. And like soccer, in Rocket League, it’s not enough to just be good, or score goals and nab assists, you have to do it in style. That’s where the design aspects of custom car building come in, and your wheels are a vital part of that process.

One of the good things about Rocket League is that there are hundreds, if not, thousands of different design and customization options. But as liberating as this may be, all the different choices can be equally overwhelming when it comes to making a decision. That’s why we’re here to help, by offering you some advice with our picks for some of the best wheels in Rocket League.

Bravado: Infinite

Image via Steam

The Bravado: Infinite wheels have a minimalistic design, with sharp dark colors, but the five holes within those wheels appear to have sonic waves inside them, which seem to pulsate while driving. It’s hard to describe the feelings these wheels evoke when looking at them, but it definitely is a mysterious sort of menacing vibe.

Chopper EG

Image via Rocket League

The EG Chopper is another wheel that has a simplistic yet pleasing look. The spokes of the inner wheel give the appearance of propellers, or possibly a wind turbine, and stick out with a shining white color amongst a light gray surface, which really makes them pop out, even from further distances.


Screenshot by Gamepur

The Cristiano wheels are considered to be a fan-favorite amongst Rocket League players, and it’s pretty easy to see why. These wheels are the epitome of “less means more,” as they have a simplistic but still very cool design. If you manage to get the inverted variation, like the one shown above, they can look even better, especially if it’s a color you’re fond of.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Rocket League offers a variety of different animated wheels, that pulse rhythmically while players are speeding down the field. One of the more eye-pleasing animated wheels is the Discotheque, which pulsates in the pattern of a groovy disco ball, fusing an old aesthetic into our modern times.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Cyberpunk — the aesthetic not the game — is all the rage right now, and Infinium plays into that design very smoothly. Slap on these wheels when you want your car to have a laser-based futuristic theme, like a vehicle that just came out of Tron. Now all you need is some vaporware playing in the background and you’ll be all set.


Image via Steam

If you’re a fan of Rocket League then it’s likely you’re a fan of soccer as well, and if that’s the case, what better way to represent the sport than with the face of a legend? Pelé is arguably one of the best soccer players of all time, and many consider him to be the face of the sport. As a diehard soccer and Rocket League fan, this is the ultimate mash-up of both worlds.


Image via Rocket League

Pyrrho is great when you want your vehicle to have an infernal feel, as if it just came barreling out of hell and took a few demons out on the way. This design fits in nicely with some of the more “fiery” decals, such as Interstellar or Fire God, if you can set them to the right color.


Image via Gamepur

Reactor is another animated wheel that is just cool to look at. Whether you’re driving or idle, you can see the wheels animation going to work, with sparks constantly flaring around. Like many of the wheels in Rocket League, this one looks cool no matter what color you get it in. The only thing that would make this wheel even sweeter would be if the reaction would occasionally trigger an explosion animation every once in a while.


Image via Rocket League

If you’re looking for something a little Mad Max-esque, then Ripper wheels are the way to go. They also pair well with the car that they share a name with and could feel right at home when playing in the Wasteland arena. There might not be any guns or giant saws in Rocket League, but if you pick Wasteland and set your sights on demo-ing all of your opponents, well it seems that you have just created your own little Thunderdome.


Image via Gamepur

Zomba is one of the more abstract animated wheels, offering a kaleidoscopic pattern of psychedelic colors, much like the groovy aesthetic of the ’60s. Though this design comes in a variety of colors, some versions of this wheel are better than others, as some of the variations can be lackluster in their design, such as the black or the white alterations of Zomba, which only display one color throughout its animation pattern.