The 10 best wheels in Rocket League

With so many options, it is a very difficult choice to make.

Best Wheels in Rocket League

Like nearly every competitive game out there, Rocket League has a fully stocked in-game store and drop system to add the necessary bells and whistles to your game. You can completely redesign the cars as per your preference, and with the versatility the cosmetics offer, you can make specific color-themed presets for their cars.

Wheels are one of the most prominent aspects of the car, so choosing the right ones is necessary to make your car look good. There are a plethora of wheels in the game, ranging from Exotics to Imports and Common wheels. If you are looking for some of the best wheels in Rocket League, here are 10 of our favorites.


At first, these might look like one of the simplest and boring wheels in the game, but in fact, it is one of the best for minimal presets. Cristiano is the most popular wheel in the game, owing to the fact that its simple appearance isn’t distracting. A lot of professional and high-ranked players use it all the time, thanks to its elegance. Best of all, it is one of the easiest wheels to obtain.


No game is complete without a cosmetic resembling a dragon, and Draco wheels are exactly what you need if you are a fan of that particular theme. While there are painted versions available like every other wheel out there, the vanilla Draco looks the best thanks to the fiery effect. The Draco is a perfect complement to red/orange themed cars. A good painted alternative is the Titanium White Draco.


The Discotheque is one of the oldest and the best-animated wheels in the game. As the name signifies, the wheels resemble the lights of a Disco, and with the color combination the vanilla version has, it goes along with almost any theme. On the other hand, the painted variations are perfect for two-colored themes.


If you are a person who prefers minimalism over flashy aesthetics, then Dieci is one of those premium wheels which is pretty rare despite having an unornamented appearance. The Black Dieci is one of the rarest and most expensive wheels in the game, and with the addition of the Blueprint system, the wheels are really hard to get a hold of.


The Goldstone is the Dragon Lore of Rocket League. The only difference is there is no way you can get it in-game unless you trade it with someone. The Goldstone only dropped during the Alpha stages and hence it is the rarest and the most expensive wheels in the game. While the Goldstone might not be the best looking out there, owning a Goldstone is much more than just mere looks.


Cosmetics with abstract effects are really popular, and the Infinium manages to offer that in a pretty unique way. The White Infiniums look the best among the lot, and if paired up with a good Black Market Decal such as the 20XX, you will have the perfect car.


Apart from the Draco, another wheel with the fiery effect is the Pyrrho. Like the Draco, this wheel complements orange/red themed cars really well and is perfect for players who like the fiery effect but don’t necessarily want dragon-themed wheels.


It’s been more than a couple of years since the Reactors made its debut in the game, and despite many good looking wheels coming out later, the Reactors remain one of the best looking wheels in the game. If you are a fan of sci-fi cosmetics, the Reactor is the perfect choice thanks to the slick animation. The vanilla version is the best looking, but you can check out the painted variants if your preset is focused on a specific theme.

The Flash

While there is nothing for Marvel fans in the game, DC fans have a lot to look forward to. Apart from the Batmobile car, there are DC-themed cosmetics as well, and The Flash wheels are one of the best DLC-cosmetics in the game. Pair it up with The Flash decal, and you are all set to be the fastest car alive!


If you have played the game, you might be aware of the craze around these wheels, the White Zombas, to be very specific. It was one of the most expensive wheels before the blueprint system came into effect, and even after that, it remains one of the most popular wheels in the game. If you are a fan of skins changing colors, then the vanilla Zomba is pretty good and has a flashy effect.