The Best Wings in Terraria (2022)

Fly high into the sky, and keep your troubles behind.

There are multiple wings for you to select to use in Terraria to aid you in your adventure. These items are beneficial for traversing your world, giving you flight and limited hover ability. However, the usefulness of the wings depends on the variety, with some being better than others. These are some of the best wings you can use in Terraria.

The best wings in Terraria

Celestial Starboard

Image via Terraria Wiki

The Celestial Starboard is considered one of the best wings, or mode of flight, in the game. Because of how fast they can move, you can make neck-breaking speed maneuvers in a flash, much faster than the other wings in Terraria. It also comes with the ability to hover and has an upward boost function, giving you plenty of flexibility while you fly around your Terraria world. We cannot recommend them enough.

Empress Wings

Image via Terraria Wiki

If you’ve ever wanted to fly like the Empress of Light boss, the Empress Wings are available. They have a chance of dropping off the boss, and while you have them, you can receive an upward boost while flying. Although these wings are not as good as the Fishron ones, we highly recommend them during your playthrough, and they are slightly faster than Fishron.

Fishron Wings

Image via Terraria Wiki

The Fishron wings might look a little scaley, but they will get you to where you need to go in a pinch. Because they drop from Duke Fishron, you can expect to glide through the water, unlike many other wing types, giving you plenty of exploration potential for those who wish to investigate the seas. These are slightly slower than the Empress wings.

Frozen Wings

Image via Terraria Wiki

If you have yet to defeat one of the more challenging Hardmode bosses, such as Duke Fishron or the Empress of Light, the Frozen Wings are a suitable pair of wings to use before you reach that point. You can choose to craft them, should you have the resources, making your life easier as you progress through your Terraria world. While flying, these wings glow in the dark, allowing you to explore some potentially dangerous locations.

Harpy Wings

Image via Terraria Wiki

Although the Harpy wings do not give off any special effects, they’re helpful if you’re trying to unlock a faster way to travel. We recommend these if you’re trying to steadily unlock more of your Terraria world, and you can expect to find the crafting material to unlock the harpy wings by hunting down the fabled Harpies.

Nebula Mantle

Image via Terraria Wiki

The Nebula Mantle looks straight out of a nightmare, but if you want a faster pair of wings, only a handful of choices are superior to them. Your hover speed goes up by 300%, your hover duration is twice as powerful as usual, and they glow in the dark. If you’re looking for a fast pair of wings, you’ll want to go about crafting them.

Solar Wings

Image via Terraria Wiki

The Solar Wings are another superior pair of wings. These shining wins have a 50% extra max ascent speed and feature faster acceleration compared to other wings. Similar to the Frozen Wings, they glow in the dark, giving you the chance to brighten up a potentially dangerous adventure into the unknown.

Stardust Wings

Image via Terraria Wiki

Become closer to the stars with the Stardust Wings. Like the Solar Wings, they have a 50% extra max ascent speed and increased acceleration than other wings. They also glow in the dark, bringing the power of the stars do you on your adventures.

Tattered Fairy Wings

Image via Terraria Wiki

The Tattered Fairy Wings might not be the fastest pair of wings available to you, but they are much easier to craft than some other wings on this list. If you’re looking for a reliable pair of wings to aid in your Terraria adventure, you can go about trying to craft these. You’ll be on the lookout for Black Fairy Dust and Souls of Flight.

Vortex Booster

Image via Terraria Wiki

The final wings on this list is the Vortex Booster. These are also considered some of the best wings in the game. They have an increased 300% hover speed, with faster acceleration, they have twice as much hover duration and emit a blue light while in use. We highly recommend going out of your way to add them to your collection.