Biggest changes in quests and rewards in next update to Hearthstone

The people have spoken, and Blizzard is upending their card game rewards again

Image via Blizzard

It was only a few weeks ago that Patch 19 debuted the new progression system for Hearthstone. It hasn’t gone over very well with the community, and Blizzard has announced that a new round of changes is coming to their card game. Here are some of the highlights for the next big update, which has not received an official title or number.

Quest changes

Blizzard plans to eliminate weekly quests requiring Legendary cards and Area runs. These rules had the potential to turn Hearthstone into a grindfest, preventing you from completing anything because of the lack of a solid deck. Tavern Brawls and Battlegrounds will now contribute to quest progress, and other quests will be getting minor adjustments as well. The weekly quest “Win 7 Games of Ranked Play Mode” will now require just 5 victories.

Reward changes

One of the biggest complaints from players addressed the amount of XP necessary to obtain higher levels of rewards. Blizzard hopes to make this right by reducing the XP requirement across the board by 37,000 XP, or about 20%. They emphasize that this will not affect or scale any XP you have already earned. More gold rewards will be on their way for levels 27 and 30, and a redesign for completing levels 1-50 is also on the way. The max bonus level is also changing from 150 to 250, and starting at level 50, you won’t need as much XP to increase your level and earn the 50 gold bonus.

Future changes

Blizzard says it’s planning more changes in the future, including some changes to the level 1 to 50 system. Their main goal is finding a balance between what has worked in the past and listening to player feedback about the latest decisions affecting Hearthstone.