Binding of Isaac Repentance Item Guide – False PHD

Not quite a doctorate.

False PHD is a new item that was added to Binding of Isaac with the Repentance DLC. It’s a passive item, and can be more than a little confusing as players attempt to work out what it does.

The False PHD will instantly identify all pills when they are picked up. It will also alter pills, converting all the good pill into their bad versions. This will even affect pills that increase stats, instead changing into into stat down pills. Where it gets interesting is that the False PHD will also add a secondary effect to the pills that is a positive, so it is a constant case of weight the good and bad of each pill.

Any pill that reduces a stat will all grant a damage increase of 0.6. Any other pill will drop a Black Heart when consumed.

False PHD also has some interesting interactions with other items like Lucky Foot and Virgo, as pills can be good or bad when you have both items, but the secondary effects from False PHD are unaffected, making them a powerful combination. If players have Rock Bottom and the False PHD, the negative effects of the pills are ignored completely if they reduce stats, but the increased damage is still effective.

This guide is under construction.