Blair Witch Achievements List


Blair Witch is a brand new game in the Microsoft store. Those who have access to the Xbox Game Pass are going to have access to it immediately upon release, and for free. The game is full of little puzzles, secrets, and surprising twists. Here are all of the achievements in the game, including the secret ones. Those who do not wish to have the game spoiled are going to want to avoid the “Secret Achievements,” section.

Blair Witch Achievements List

There are 25 achievements in the entire game.

  • Dogs of War: Collect the first dog tag.
  • To Fallen Comrades: Collect all dog tags of the fallen comrades.
  • The Idol: Collect the first wooden doll.
  • The Fetish: Collect all wooden dolls.
  • Bullet Doesn’t Like ’em: Break 10 totems.
  • Counseling: Collect the first psychiatrist’s notes.
  • Psychotherapy: Collect all of the psychiatrist’s notes.
  • Lost in the Woods: Collect the first victim’s photo.
  • Picture Perfect: Collect all the victim’s photos.
  • Good Boy: Pet the dog.
  • The Longest Hike: Walk 100 miles.
  • Last Goodbye: Find out what happened to Bullet.
  • Last Transmission: Find out what happened to Peter.
  • I hate Pizza: Make the pizza guy lose it.
  • Evil in the Woods: Kill your first monster.
  • Fast with a Flashlight: Kill 10 monsters.
  • Garbage Man: Pick up all of the trash.
  • What You Got There?: Let Bullet bring you 10 things

We listed all of the hidden achievements below. Reading them may spoil the game for you.

  • Break the Cycle: Help Ellis get his redemption.
  • Take his Face: Becomer Carver.
  • Ray of Hope: Patch things up with Jess.
  • To Absent Friends: Pay your respects to sheriff Lanning.
  • K.I.A: Let the VA know about the lumberjack’s death.
  • Pacifist: End the game without killing any monsters.
  • Snake Charmer: Score 40 points in Cobra.