Blox Fruits Tier List

So many to choose from.

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Blox Fruits is an action-adventure game inspired by the mega-popular franchise One Piece. Similar to One Piece, players explore islands, battle enemies, and discover treasure while obtaining powerful abilities called Devil Fruits. These fruits grant unique powers, such as controlling fire or transforming into mythical creatures. Ofcourse, some Devil Fruits are more powerful than others and can progress easier once obtained. Hence, we’ve compiled a Blox Fruit tier list ranking all the Devil Fruits.

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Best Devil Fruits to use in Blox Fruits

TierDevil Fruit
SBuddha, Dragon, Leopard, Dough, Venom, Magma, Spider
ALove, Ice, Control, Phoenix, Rumble, Light, Shadow, Portal
BDark, Bomb, Flame, Meteor, Quake, Barrier, Paw, Blizzard
CKilo, Rubber, Diamond, Spring, Smoke, Falcon
DSpin, Chop, Sand, Spike, Revive
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If you are a beginner, Buddha fruit is generally the best one to use since it offers increased health and durability, enhanced strength for powerful attacks, defensive capabilities through the transformation, area of effect attacks for crowd control, and the ability to enter the formidable Buddha Form.

If you have an offensive playstyle, you can either go for Dragon or Magma Fruit. When it comes to raw damage, Magma Fruit has one of the highest outputs in the game. It allows users to one-shot opponents as well as do damage over time. Furthermore, once awakened, users will be able to walk on water. It’s worth noting that Magma Fruit offers very little utilities and no defensive capabilities.

On the other hand, as the name suggests, the Dragon fruit allows the user to transform into a dragon capable of wreaking havoc. However, there is a fury meter in place that fills over time, and until it is completely full, the user won’t be able to transform. Hence, the high damage output is not present from the get-go.

That concludes the Blox Fruits fruits tier list. It’s worth noting that most of the fruits are viable, and it ultimately boils down to your playstyle and preference.