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Boom Chat Kalaka achievement guide for Stray

This cat is an all star!

Stray has some interesting achievements that set it apart from other games. In the game, you get to see what it’s like to be a cat by messing with various objects that usually serve as background items in many other games. One of these items that you can happen upon is a basketball. The Boom Chat Kalaka achievement requires you to dunk the basketball in the hoop for that all-important basket.

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Boom Chat Kalaka achievement

When broken down, the Boom Chat Kalaka achievement is really easy to obtain, though you will need to wait a little bit before you can get it. The fourth chapter of the game is called The Slums. You will reach this area shortly after interacting with B-12 and escaping the flat. After reaching the Slums, you will interact with the Guardian. To the right of where he is standing, you will see a basketball at the top of a staircase.

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This is the basketball needed for the achievement. The hoop is actually the garbage can at the bottom of the stairs. Getting the basketball in the hoop is a bit harder than it sounds. The basketball is a bit more sensitive than it would appear. Any slight nudge will cause it to roll. Make sure you line yourself up with the basketball before trying to hit it down the ramp on the stairs. A wrong hit will cause it to miss the trash can and you will have a very hard time trying to get the basket.

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Don’t worry too much if you miss, you can always try making the basket again by waiting until you reach the second part of the Slums or by restarting the chapter. This can be done from the pause menu. You can also replay the entire chapter if you miss it. You should be able to make it in after a couple of tries.

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