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Boombling Island Quest Chain guide for Lost Ark

The Boombling creatures are big fans of Bomberman.
This article is over 2 years old and may contain outdated information

When new players earn their first ship and set sail from Wavestrand Port, they’re apt to want to visit the first island they can find. While many islands off the coast of Luterra feature combat that requires an average item level of 250, Boombling Island is an exception, hosting a species of rock people that fanaticize gladiatorial combat of a different, more explosive sort.

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Lifting the Curse

Screenshot by DoubleXP

When first disembarking onto Boombling Island, the first NPC that players will encounter is a Locarok, a type of rock golem native to the island. This Locarok seems particularly out of place — rather than joining its peers in the stone society through the cave to the northeast, it seems preoccupied with alchemy and potion-making, flanked on all sides by notes.

Investigating the table to the south, the player can find notes relating to a potion that can reverse transformations. Its primary ingredient is White Cornflowers, which are conveniently growing all around the Locarok’s camp.

Gathering a hundred of these flowers and adding them to the camp’s cauldron will create this potion. When given to the Locarok, it will suddenly transform it into a human woman, Sinclair the Witch.

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A Local Legend

Sinclair, fascinated by the local Boombling tribe and their customs, used to transform herself into a Pebbling, the younger, lesser variant of Boombling, to assimilate and join in on their festival. However, in her old age, her potions are more likely to transform her into an aged Locarok, too large to fit through their village’s cave entrance.

Sinclair offers the player a potion of hers, such that they can participate in the ceremony instead. Drinking it transforms them into a stout, round-headed Pebbling, small enough to enter the village.

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Return of the Legend

Screenshot by DoubleXP

Entering the Boombling village, the now Pebbling-sized player first meets Muffling Stone, a fellow Pebbling who takes particular interest in the player. According to Muffling Stone, judging by the player’s current stone features, they’re not just any Pebbling, they’re the current champion of the Boombling arena from the village’s previous festival.

Since the champion’s sudden disappearance, the village had been unable to host another festival without his presence. Now that he seems to have returned, they’re able to host another one.

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Bang! Bang!

To prepare for this new festival, the player is tasked with collecting Bang-bang Fruit from patches to the south and southeast of the village. Bringing their finds back to Muffling Stone, they discover that Bang-bang Fruit, as implied by its name, explodes. The force of these test explosions is enough to wake Uncle Mossrock, the village’s elder Locarok, from his slumber.

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Time for Festivities

Screenshot by DoubleXP

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Mossrock, also recognizing the player as the long-lost champion of the arena, decides to organize another gauntlet for them to compete in. In the meantime, they’re tasked with repairing the village’s spring water injector with Moving Powder, providing the influx of Boombling spectators with transportation to the Arena.

After a brief visit with Sinclair that opens a shortcut from the entrance of the island to the arena, the player can take part in their festivities therein. As a Pebbling, the player is thrust into a very familiar-looking gridlike stadium and must blast their way through electrically-charged slimes with their Bang-bang Fruit, which drops on the floor at the player’s feet and explodes in cardinal directions with every press of Q.

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