Lost Ark Peyto Island Quest Chain guide

Even Arkesia’s adventurers need a little vacation time.

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Anteri of the Stern Times requests the help of a seasoned Lost Ark adventurer to visit the Peyto and determine its viability as a getaway hotspot. Sailing southwest from Arthetine to the seas east of Vern, this adventurer will explore the opulent cruise ship on a sightseeing tour, meeting all types of personalities and beginning a plethora of quest-lines while onboard.

The Perfect Getaway

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Anteri can be found in the printing room of the Stern Times’ office, located in the Business District of the Origins of Stern. Capable adventurers must first be well-equipped before they qualify for a vacation, meeting Peyto Island’s item level requirement of 250 for this quest to become available.

Once there, tourists are tasked with taking photographs of the four events taking place on the ship’s deck.

  • Danidani’s show
  • The clown show
  • The piano concert
  • Mage Tanay’s Show

Adventurers will then interview the ship’s bartender, Volta, and taste-test his ale by drinking a Dyorika beer, Totrich beer, and West Luterran beer. Satisfied from their vacation, the player is then free to draft Anteri’s article and turn in the quest.

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Becoming an Idol

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Danidani, Peyto’s resident Mokoko sprite performer, wants the adventurer to cheer for them — in the form of in-game emotes. Doing so will attract the attention of Danidani’s producer, Hermes, who offers the player to audition for an idol career of their own.

This audition includes dancing for Hermes, in the form of another emote. Doing so will unlock a new emote, Sway.

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Iceberg Inquiry

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Mathias, situated near the cabana on the southwestern sunning deck, is vacationing on the Peyto. Growing tired of the sunny weather, Mathias longs for the cold, and tasks the player with sailing to the Glacier Seas in pursuit of Glacier Isle. This quest subsequently begins the Glacier Isle quest-line.

Island of Dreams

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Recognizing that the player is writing articles about vacation destinations for the Stern Times, Volta will inquire the player about visiting the nearby Aiwana island. Doing so will begin the Aiwana Island quest-line.

Paradise on Earth

After participating in enough of what Peyto has to offer, the player will eventually come into contact with Ibiza near the ship’s central pool. He claims that if fun is what adventurers are after, they should look no further than Revelry Row, beginning this island’s quest-line.

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The Future Is in our Hands

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Caze, located in Peyto’s market district toward the stern of the ship, quizzes the player on the lord of Wavestrand Port. If answered correctly with Cals, Caze will offer the player a “gift” from Ventum on the deck, provided they sign his contract.

Ventum will later point out that the contract actually hired the player to Peyto’s staff. As part of the contract, Peyto staff cannot be freed of their post until the acting staff captain gives their direct approval.

In order to work their way out of this contract, players must contribute to the ship by performing a few of Una’s Tasks. This quest also serves as an introduction to Una’s Tasks as a daily activity.

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