How to find Maurice and Start Borderland 3’s Bloody Harvest Event


If you are loading up Borderlands 3 today in hopes of starting Bloody Harvest, the Halloween-themed limited-time event, you are first going to have to find a specific NPC to start it off.

His name is Maurice, a Saurian, who can be found wandering around your ship in Sanctuary III.

He can be found only after completing the Taking Flight mission in the campaign and is located at the top deck, right next to the Mayhem activation panels.

Once you do get Maurice, though, he will keep offering you the same quest over and over again that will ask you to hunt a specific enemy known as Kecktoplasm across the galaxy. When you’ve done enough quests, Maurice will create a special portal that will allow you to go to a new area known as Heck to do special quests and unlock unique rewards.

There are also a series of 15 optional challenges you can attempt as well to unblock some cosmetic rewards for all characters. Better act fast though, they won’t be here for long.