How to search the galaxy to find a ghost in Borderlands 3 Bloody Harvest 2020

Where do you find a ghost?

Borderlands 3’s Bloody Harvest 2020 event is live. When you find Maurice on the Sancutary III, he requests that you find for him a ghost to fill his appetite. It’ll be the first step you need to take to start the event, and you can expect to roam the galaxy for a bit before finding it. Unfortunately, Maurice doesn’t give you the best idea of where you need to go to find one.

Where to find a ghost

The location of a ghost is not exact because it can happen almost anywhere there are other enemies. The indication of a ghost is shown by a character glowing green. Whenever you see an enemy glowing this way, shoot at them, and when they die, a skull errupts from their dead corpse. You now need to kill the glowing ghost.

Shortly after completing this step in the quest, Maurice reaches out to you to say that you need to do this 25 more times. Now that you know what the ‘ghosts’ look like, and what enemies they come from, it’s fairly simple to go out of your way to find them. We recommend visiting locations in the galaxy where there are numerous enemies wandering around, such as Porta Prison or Lectra City.

After you take out all 25 ghosts, return to Maurice for the next portion of the Bloody Harvest 2020 event.