Borderlands 3 Bloody Harvest: Descent Into Heck Guide – Where to Find a Ghost in the Galaxy

The Bloody Harvest content update has arrived in Borderlands 3. The content drop is available to every player in the game, so make sure to update your game to jump in on the action. A portion of this content drop has players searching the galaxy for a ghost. Here’s where you can find a ghost in the galaxy, and what you need to do to Descent into Heck.

Borderlands 3: Descent into Heck Guide – Where to Find a Ghost in the Galaxy

The first thing you need to do is go to a location in the galaxy you reliably know you’re going to find plenty of enemies to encounter when you’re there. You’re going to need to kill a ghost inhabiting the game. Before this, though, you’re going to need to have spoken to Maurice. So make sure you’ve done this before proceeding to this step. After talking to Maurice, you should be good to go.

It should not matter where you go in the galaxy. The thing you’re looking to do is finding an enemy who is glowing green. The green is more of a translucent glow around their body. You’re probably going to need to kill a few enemies before doing locating them. You’ll know what they look like when they pop up. Kill the glowing green individual, and they should have a ghost escape their body. The spirit is going to be this large, glowing skull that’s going to float around.

When the skull pops up, take it out. Doing so is going to cause your Vault Hunter to reach out to Maurice, and you’re going to need to do this 25 times. Because it’s going to take around 25 ghosts to continue the event, you don’t want to spend time bouncing around the galaxy. Instead, find a dedicated area you can farm enemies, such as the Porta Prison or Lectra City where you competed in an all-out battle royale fight to get the chance to fight Killavolt.

Check out the video below done by MonkeyKingHero. They head over to Lectra City and get one of the glowing green enemies to show up almost immediately after they load into the area.

When you kill all 25, you’re going to continue onto the next portion of the quest and continue through the Bloody Harvest content. Good luck, Vault Hunters.

How to “Search the galaxy for a ghost” in Borderlands 3 Bloody Harvest Descent into Heck[toplasm]

Go anywhere with a lot of enemies. One will glow Green. Kill it and the Ghost will appear. If you can, please SUBSCRIBE. It would mean the world to me: You can also check out video game guides for all your favorite games at our websites