Is There Early Access for Borderlands 3?


Borderlands 3 has received some great reviews, but many fans have heard the complications of some review website getting a code to the game. Gamepur is among them. Many sites got told there were not enough codes. However, some learned it was a way to reduce the chance of the game getting leaked ahead of its release date. With that said, some select streamers already have access to the game and are showing it off. For those who are not a streamer, or a journalist on a video game website, can you get into the game early?

Is There Early Access for Borderlands 3?

No matter what level of edition you pre-order Borderlands 3, there is no option to play the game early or to get early access. You’re going to have to wait for the rest of the world to get it at the same time and jump onto the game’s servers when they officially launch. If you were a select streamer that 2K chose to show off the game early, then that’s probably one of the few ways you can get the game right now. Everyone is eagerly awaiting the chance to jump in, but it’s not going to happen at an earlier date.

Luckily, the team behind Borderlands 3 broke down the global schedule for people to know precisely when the game releases in their region. You can check out the release schedule on their website.

For those living in the UK, you might have the chance to get into the game earlier, if you’re lucky. The only way 2K is allowing players to get in before everyone else is going to happen at the GAME flagship store in Westfield Stratford. Borderlands 3 publisher 2K formed a partnership with the company to bring the game there when it launches. Participants at the location can grab their copy a full three hours before everyone else in their region, or they can stay for a bit and check out what’s going on at the event.

Regardless, everyone is likely going to get into the game at the same time. Borderlands 3 releases to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on the Epic Games Store on Sept. 13. Check your region release schedule to know the exact time the game opens up to you.