Borderlands 3: How to Get Your Pre-Order Bonus


For players who have pre-ordered Borderlands 3 at any level of the available editions, you don’t get told how to obtain your rewards. Gearbox Software does not give you clear directions, and instead, want you to go through the process through trial and here. Luckily, you don’t have to go too much out of your way to acquire what’s rightfully yours.

How To Get Pre-Order Bonus in Borderlands 3

You can get your pre-order bonus items once you’ve gone through the introduction sequence, chosen your character, and met Claptrap. When you’re ready, hit the “Pause,” menu in your game and pull up your menu. You want to scroll down to the “Social,” button, and click it. You’re going to see five different icons on the upper left part of the screen. These icons indicate essential information, such as your friendslist, entering a matchmaking lobby to jump into a game, and even creating a LAN connection for you and your friends. However, you’re going to want to ignore those and go to the fourth icon on the list, the Mail.

Flip over to the mail, and you’re going to see a list of sent messages given directly to you. All of these mail messages are going to be your pre-order bonuses. Go down the list, accepting the items, and these should show up in your inventory for you to use whenever you want to bring them out. You may want to clear out your inventory if any of them are going to go into your main inventory with the rest of your guns and assorted items. A handful of the items, such as the weapon trinkets, don’t go in there and are in a different menu. You can equip the weapon trinkets to your guns at any time, from a different menu because they do not take any space from your general inventory.

You’re going to want to check your mail often, so make sure to refer back to this tab frequently after the end of important quests. Good luck Vault Hunter, and hopefully those pre-order items assist you on your journey.