Borderlands 3: How to use Photo Mode


Like every modern game, Borderlands 3 comes with a photo mode you can access to take pictures of your misadventures and the numerous activities in the game. Here’s how you access it while you’re in the middle of your campaign.

How To Use Photo Mode in Borderlands 3

You have two ways to access photo mode while playing the game. For those on a controller, you’re only going to have one method of accessing the photo mode, whereas those playing on the PC with a mouse and keyboard have two.

The universal method for opening the photo mode is to hit the menu screen and scroll down to it. It’s going to be the fourth option, right under settings. You’re going to get thrown into the game’s photo mode in the middle of whatever you’re doing. You’re going to want to pause at a point in the game when you find something you want to capture, or you’re in the middle of a heated battle.

Now, if you’re using a mouse and keyboard, you have a far specific key dedicated to opening up the mode. When you hit the “P,” you’re going to open up the photo mode. Some may have accidentally hit it while caught in the middle of a fight. You may have already known this. You can change up the hotkey at any time by accessing the “Options,” menu and going to “Controls,” to change what your buttons do.

When you open up the photo mode, you’re going to have access to a variety of options. You can change the field of view, change the camera’s perspective away from your character, add film grain, change the time of day, modify the game’s overall visual effects, and much more. None of the options you change the photo mode are going to transfer over to your current file while you’re playing, so play with the settings however you like.

Have fun, Vault Hunters, and take plenty of photos.