Borderlands 3: Stranger Things Easter Egg Location


There are many cultural references thrown throughout the lore of Borderlands 3. The developers of the game, Gearbox Software, like to find almost any opportunity they can find to throw in a pop culture trivia question into their game. This one is a reference to the hit Netflix series, Stranger Things, and it references the monster the heroes of the show encounter throughout the series, the Demogorgon.

Stranger Things Easter Egg in Borderlands 3

You don’t have to go too far out of your way to activate the quest. You’re going to get the chance to see Borderlands 3’s take on the demonic creature. The quest becomes active on Sanctuary, and you should see it as a quest marker. Approach the terminal to accept the quest, and it’s going to take you to Pandora. You might not be too familiar with the layout, if only because you haven’t visited this part of the game in a long time.

When you get there, the exact location you need to visit on the map is to the northwest of The Droughts Fast Travel Station on Pandora. You can see the precise location in the header image.

When you get there, you’re going to encounter a handful of annoying Skag. Depending on if you’re playing on True Vault Hunter Mode, or have any of the Mayhem levels activated, these creatures are going to vary. If you’re visiting it during the base game, you should find reasonably low-level creatures to fight. Take out the few that show up, and the Demoskaggon is going to show up. As you’d imagine, it’s an altered version of the Skags already in the game, with an updated color change and it breathes fire.

You should be able to make short work of it and complete the quest to get a little bit of money. Plus, you can check off the easter egg find off of your completionist list.