Borderlands 3: Zane Best Builds


Zane is the infiltrator of the four new Vault Hunters in Borderlands 3. He uses deception and technology to his advantage. While he might be a bit squishy in a fight, he can deal out loads of damage if you build him correctly. Here are some great build recommendations for you to try out while playing with Zane. We do highly recommend him to have a friend.

Zane Best Builds in Borderlands 3

Quick Feet

Looking at Zane’s overall kit, this variety of build is likely going to be the most popular with this Vault Hunter. Mostly, you make Zane the quickest thing on the map and buff him up as much as possible through the Hitman skill tree. You’re going to want to mold him with Violent Speed, Violent Momentum, Salvation, Cool Hand, and Violent Violence, along with a few points in Playing Dirty. These are going to be your bread and butter because these are going to keep Zane moving on his feet as he zips across the map, firing at enemies left and right. He’ll be able to keep himself healed with Salvation, and his little SNTNL is going to be following him along, spraying enemies left and right.

With Zane moving around and killing so much, you’re going to need the ammunition for it. Go into the Doubled Agent tree to grab Praemunitus, a few points into Synchronicity, followed by Donnybrook, and work down to Supersonic Man. The Doubled Agent tree can further complement Zane’s overall movement, making him even faster than he already is going and with two of him on the field, he can bounce into position if things get too hairy.

Now You See Me

Rather than focusing on the Hitman tree, you’re switching things up by going through the Doubled Agent, first. You’re relying a bit on your hologram partner, you’re going to want to put a few points into the Hitman tree, notable Praemuntius, and Synchronicity, before switching over to Under Cover. You’re going to want to try building these two trees up at the same time, leaning more towards Doubled Agent, to ensure you’re optimizing your hologram’s distraction potential. Grabbing Hearty Stock and then a few points into Ready For Action to increase Zane’s overall shield use.

Additionally, leaning on the Fractal Frags, Duct Tape Mod, Pocket Full of Grenades, Old-U, Boom. Enhance, and Like a Ghost are going to be your choices. You’re going to find Zane is going to want a much larger grenade slot, so pick-up those SDUs early for him so he can buff his Digi-clone and fling them left and right, despite having an enhanced Digi-clone already out.

When you find yourself back in the Under Cover tree, lean towards putting points into Rise to the Occasion, Best Served Cold, Really Expensive Jacket, Futility Belt, Calm, Cool, Collected, and Nerves of Steel or into Refreshment if you’re need more health. Overall, Zane is going to remain far less mobile than the last build, thanks to his barrier. However, his buffed up Digi-clone is ready to do some work.

Heavy Shield, Quick Trigger

Now, back to the Hitman tree, you’ll want to start out going down this tree. Pick up Cold Bore, Cool Hand, and Salvation before returning to Under Cover. Mostly, you want Zane to kill his enemies quick, reload fast, steal health from them, and stay behind his shield. With Under Cover, you want to acquire Ready For action, Rise to the Occasion, all into Stiff Upper Lip, and then one point in Hearty Stock.

Next, we’re back over to Hit Man, wrapping it up with Playing Dirty, Violent Violence, and Good Misfortune. You certainly want to the final ability. Now, instead of jumping back over to Under Cover, switch to Doubled Agent to grab three points into Praemunitus, Borrowed Time, and the rest of your points into Duct Tape Mod.

You’re going to find Zane is quickly killing enemies from behind his deployable cover. He can kill them, freeze them with the drone, and keep his allies alive behind his barrier. His barrier is going to be his most optimized skill, protecting him with his drone runs around, causing mischief and trouble throughout the encounter.