Breakout Trophy Guide – The Maquette

How to earn the Breakout Trophy.

Image via Gamepur

The Breakout Trophy in Maquette can be earned during the first chapter of the game, also called The Maquette. This first area is a gentle introduction to some of the puzzle mechanics of the game and will involve a castle, a fair, and some bridge-building.

If you would like a full walkthrough for the area, we have a detailed guide on how to complete it.

To get the Breakout Trophy, play through the level until you reach the fair portion after getting the golden ticket. Wait for the cutscene to end, and then walk to the wall in the rear of the area that has some writing appear on it.

After the writing appears, look to the right of the wall, and you will see some bushes that almost form steps. If you climb up and over these bushes, hop over the wall to leave the area, you can earn the Breakout Trophy.

You need to do this as you play through the level. You cannot go back and get it later because the area will be closed off. If you really want to go back and get the trophy, you will need to replay the area completely.

Unfortunately, Maquette does not have a chapter select option, so you’ll need to try and find these trophies as you play through the game, or else a full replay will be required.