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Image via Gamepur

Maquette – The Maquette Full Chapter Walkthrough

Learning the basics.
This article is over 3 years old and may contain outdated information

The Maquette is a puzzle game that works on the premise of manipulating the size of objects to explore a strange world. In this guide, we will walk you through the first chapter of the game and show you how to solve each puzzle and get into each new section.

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As you get through each section, you will experience snippets of a relationship and discover new things about the people involved in it.

The Maquette Full Chapter Walkthrough

Image via Gamepur

When you first arrive in the Maquette area you will see a giant red block, a marble building in the center, and four distinct areas all around it. At the moment, the only place you can go to is the castle, so walk across the bridge there to learn about the first relationship story.

When the scene is over, turn around and head for the marble building in the middle. The energy walls will drop down and you can now venture inside. Here, you will discover a miniature version of the level that you can manipulate to solve puzzles.

Image via Gamepur

The first thing you need to do is head for the area with the two towers with a gap between them. It is right beside where the giant red cube can be found. To move the red cube, head to the smaller model in the center and pick up the small red cube it contains. Doing so will also move the large red cube, and you can place it somewhere so that it is not blocking your path.

Image via Gamepur

Walk inside and drop down to the bottom, don’t worry, you can take fall damage. At the bottom, in an alcove on the side closest to the central area, you will find a small bridge. Grab it, then use the elevator to make your way back to the top.

Image via Gamepur

Bring the bridge to the model of the level in the central building, and place it in the gap between both the tower. When you do, a massive bridge will appear in the same spot in the full-sized area, allowing you to cross over to the far side.

Image via Gamepur

Go up the elevator on the far side and you can grab a large golden ticket, then take the elevator in front of you back down. Place the large golden ticket on the ground near the blue ticket office hut, and this will cause a small golden ticket to appear inside the central area. Grab it, bring it to the ticket office, then put it in the ticket box to open this new area.

Let the next scene play out, then walk to the back of the area where you will find some writing on the wall. At this point, you can grab the Breakout Trophy, if you want it. Just make sure you do it before you leave the area.

Image via Gamepur

Go to this same wall in the model in the central area and examine the back of it to find a small switch that you can press. This will cause the wall in the large area to drop down, giving you access to the space behind it.

Go there and interact with the fortune teller to get a large golden key. Bring this key to the door with the golden lock and use it to open it, then take out the key, bring it to the small model area and place it down as a bridge between both of the elevated paths.

Image via Gamepur

Go across the gap to experience another cutscene, then you will notice that the former castle from the start has now morphed into a house. Drop the golden key on the path outside the house, then go to the small model and use the small key that appears there to open the door. Move the golden key so it now forms a bridge to the house and walk up to the front door to end this chapter.

After this, you are on to The Gateways, and we have a full walkthrough for that also.

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