Call of Duty Advanced Warfare All Collectibles Intel Location Guide

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Call of Duty Advanced Warfare consist of total 45 collectibles Intel in the game. To Earn the Ferrum Absconsum trophy, you need to collect all 45 intel. Here is the guide to all the collectibles Intel locations in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

Intel collectibles look like a Laptop with a blue screen. Every mission has 3 intel collectibles so is you think you might have miss any you can go back by selecting the mission and find the missing intel. The previous intel which you have collected are saved in your progress stat. You can also open the Mission to the nearest checkpoint of the collectibles intel.

Below is all the Collectibles Intel’s Location.

Mission: Induction

  • Objective: Regroup with Demo Team One
    • When you encounter the drone swarm, you go into the building and climb up the stairs. Search in the one of the shops on the right you will find the intel.
  • Objective: Regroup with Demo Team One
    • After getting out of the train station in Chinatown streets with lots of shops. On the top of the building on the right has the second collectibles.
  • Objective: Destroy the Havoc Launcher
    • After collecting the demolition charge when you drop down to the street with waterfall. The room is hidden behind the waterfall where there is the 3rd intel.

Mission: Atlas

  • Objective: Rescue the President
    • First find the President and the room across you find the intel in the washroom.
  • Objective: Follow Gideon
    • Just after the little tour given by Jonathan Irons when you exit the car turn around and turn around you will get your second intel near the building gate.
  • Objective: Follow Gideon
    • You will enter the building after completing the grenade range do not go towards the elevator where the markers shows go right and you will find the intel.

Mission: Traffic

  • Objective: Rescue the Prime Minister
    • You will find the intel in the room on the left just after you enter the office in slow motion.
  • Objective: Stop the KVA Hostage Truck
    • When you escape the by a driving vehicle with enemies and you have to drop down a ledge to a courtyard with houses on either side. The intel at the top of the house go upstairs and collect.
  • Objective: Stop the KVA Hostage Truck
    • When you are attacked by the enemies with the armored vehicle, take down the gunner behind the turret. The intel is just around the corner from the armored vehicle.

Mission: Fission

  • Objective: Shut down the Reactor
    • When you slide down an elevator shaft and enter the laboratory, the second room has the intel.
  • Objective: Shut down the Reactor
    • The intel is on the ground level of the room with the spinning turbines(reactor room).
  • Objective: Escape the Power Plant
    • You will go through a big opening in the wall when you follow the comrades just after the interacting with the computer display in the control room. At the right of the scaffold, you will find intel at the end of it.

Mission: Aftermath

  • Objective: Regroup with Gideon
    • You will find the intel on the left side of the corridor just after you fall down when the floor cracks open.
  • Objective: Reach the Hospital
    • After jumping over a balcony to the area below, there is a small administrative building with desks and computers inside. You will find intel in on one of the desks.
  • Objective: Capture the Doctor
    • When you reach the hospital go upstairs and a side room on the left has the intel.

Mission: Manhunt

  • Objective: Infiltrate the Safehouse
    • Where your comrade Ilona starts up the sniper drone on the balcony you will find the intel.
  • Objective: Intercept Hades’ Convoy
    • The first building on the left is a restaurant and go upstairs, you can find the intel in the bedroom.
  • Objective: Eliminate the KVA Sniper
    • You can find a jewelry store on the other side of the street and inside is the intel on the counter.

Mission: Utopia

  • Objective: Follow Gideon
    • As the mission starts you must turn around immediately to find this intel on a desk behind you.
  • Objective: Reach the Docks
    • Stay on the street level and check the buildings on the left after the jump from a balcony. One with lots of computers inside also contains the intel inside.
  • Objective: Reach the Extraction Point
    • The intel is on that rooftop, just behind one of the windows where the enemies are spawning.

Mission: Sentinel

  • Objective: Access the Security System
    • You can find the intel in the room that you drop down through a rooftop to reach the mission objective.
  • Objective: Search the Database
    • In Jonathan Iron’s office, you need to interact next to his desk is intel.
  • Objective: Record the Meeting
    • As soon as you let go of the car you can find this intel on the left before you start following the teammates.

Mission: Crash

  • Objective: Reach the Cargo
    • Where the enemies spawn it’s next to a box in the starting area where you land.
  • Objective: Follow Cormack
    • It’s very easy to see. Te First Enemy will boost-jump up to the intel.
  • Objective: Recover the Cargo
    • To the left of the rocket launcher is the intel, near a burning plane wreck.

Mission: Bio Lab

  • Objective: Escape the Sniper
    • Inside the shed is the intel where your comrade starts running at the beginning of the mission.
  • Objective: Neutralize the Manticore Supply
    • Fight through a corridor and then check the rooms on the right side just after you exit the server room an alarm will go off.
  • Objective: Locate the Tank
    • You can find this intel in an office after you place a jammer on a satellite dish to help your comrade hack a door.

Mission: Collapse

  • Objective: Regroup with Sentinel
    • When you exit your vehicle after the car chase. You can find intel in a black colored car on the left side of the bridge.
  • Objective: Regroup with Sentinel
    • The intel is on a little platform on the back side of “Downtown SF 18min, SFO 45min, Oakland 32min” road sign.
  • Objective: Regroup with Sentinel
    • On the left side of the bridge, just before you reach the helicopter, You will find the intel.

Mission: Armada

  • Objective: Reach the Bridge
    • In the room when you jump up after planting the two jammers, is the intel.
  • Objective: Reach the Bridge
    • In the first room upstairs after leaving the dark room, is the intel.
  • Objective: Destroy the Cargo Ships
    • This is on a table in the middle of the control room(pick it up before using the terminal).

Mission: Throttle

  • Objective: Follow Gideon
    • When you land, go till the end of the area in a straight line and on a bench is the intel.
  • Objective: Destroy the MD Turrets (x3)
    • On a balcony, you can find the intel(far right of the 3 MD turret). Use the grappling hook to get up.
  • Objective: Destroy the MD Turrets (x3)
    • Follow the train tracks and use the grappling hook to get up to the balcony. Intel is on a balcony on the opposite side of where the 3 MD turrets spawns.

Mission: Captured

  • Objective: Escape the Facility
    • There is a side room that contains the intel when you follow Gideon to a room with two scientists and a missile launch display.
  • Objective: Escape the Facility
    • Open a door to catch a scientist who threatens to shoot you. Inside the room where the scientist is standing, you will find the intel
  • Objective: Enter the AST
    • Before interacting with the AST of a dead enemy, turn around and you’ll see the intel.

Mission: Terminus

  • Objective: Stop the Manticore Launch
    • When you get out of the water, keep going in a straight line until you reach the last room which has the intel.
  • Objective: Stop the Manticore Launch
    • You can find this intel in a small server room on the left side when you are downstairs.
  • Objective: Stop the Manticore Launch
    • At the end when comrade kicks open a door, on the left side inside the small room you will find the last piece of intel.

Finally, The Ferrum Absconsum trophy is unlocked. If you have doubts regarding any location you can comment below. Enjoy.