Can You Play CoD Mobile Offline?


You can play CoD Mobile right now, engaging in intense warfare at your fingertips, away from a console. The game features a handful of fun and extreme PvP modes for everyone who loves the franchise. Some players are curious, though, if they’re going to have the capacity to play the game while offline.

Can You Play CoD Mobile Offline?

If you’re eager to jump into the game and play it on your way to work, but don’t want it to eat up your data we have some unfortunate news for you. Right now, you won’t be able to play the game from an offline capacity. Not only does the game not support any modes for offline play, but players cannot gain access to the game without an internet connection.

This choice will likely remain valid even if Zombies gets introduced into the game. Despite Zombies potentially being available for solo play, the application itself does not grant access to players who don’t have an internet connection. You’re going to have to find another mobile game to sate your combat need without an internet connection.

It’s unlikely Activision is planning to make this a thing in the future, too. They only have two modes available, the standard multiplayer matches and the battle royale mode. They don’t gain too much from having an offline game mode. Players would likely use an offline mode to gain ranks and items that might take them longer to get in an online multiplayer environment.