Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Easter Eggs Location Guide


It’s been just about a week since Activision unleashed Call of Duty: Modern Warfare on the market. It’s a massive hit, between its huge singleplayer campaign, its addictive multiplayer, and its exciting co-op.

But one other thing that the game includes are nods to other items, with the help of some hidden Easter eggs. It may take a little time to track them down, but they’re certainly worth it in some cases. There is one that might be a bit bothersome, but at least you know Infinity Ward’s morals are in check.

Let’s run through the four Modern Warfare Easter eggs we know about so far. As we continue to find more, we’ll add them here!

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Easter Eggs Location

Check Out the Actibase

First off, remember when Call of Duty: Black Ops II had Nuketown, and you could find a classic Activision console to relax and kick back with? Well, Modern Warfare has some gaming goodness of its own.

If you take on the Piccadilly mission, you’ll run across an electronics store. Hop inside, and you’ll see a series of gaming stuff. Among them is what’s pictured above — the Actibase!

This is a console that features a controller, along with all the hook-ups. Also, it comes with 120GB of hard drive space. Unfortunately, that’s not quite enough to handle Modern Warfare’s beefy size.

You can’t play it or anything, but it’s a neat looking item. Still, upon glancing at that controller, it is pretty dreadful. That D-pad looks uncomfortable. And, for that matter, where are the buttons?!

Pennywise, Is That You?!

So in the 2v2 Gunfight mode, there’s one particular map that seems to take place in a neighborhood. If you get to a spawn point and go looking for a sewer, you might find something interesting tied to it — a red balloon.

Now, in case it’s not clear, that’s associated with Stephen King’s It, the subject of two-hit movies from Warner Bros. If you see a red balloon in those films (in which there are many), you’ll realize they’re tied to the killer clown Pennywise.

That doesn’t mean he’s in the game, mind you. And remember, this was in the Alpha for the game, so it has yet to be found in the final product. Still, if Pennywise is lurking, maybe take some extra ammunition. Just in case.

Why Would You Shoot a Baby?!

Okay, so the Clean House mission is pretty tough one, as you’ll have to watch your fire as you make your way through a dark house. But it also houses a secret for players that prefer to show off their morbid side. Note: some folks may find this disturbing.

So, throughout the mission, you’ll come across a mother and a crying baby. They’ll usually be contained, and no threat to you. However, if you shoot the baby, the words “Children are non-combatants” will appear on the screen, and you’ll start over from your last checkpoint.

Now, someone decided to go and shoot the baby a few more times. We’re not sure why. And, for that matter, it sounds like Infinity Ward isn’t too thrilled with the idea either. If it happens a few more times, the words “Are you serious?” appear on the screen, and you’re kicked back to the main menu without warning.

Honestly, it’s pretty sadistic, but we’re glad that the developer stood its ground on this one. Stick to the bad guys, will ya?

Modern Warfare Easter Eggs

A Call To Zakhaev Arms

Finally, here’s a fun throwback to the classic Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare that some fans will love. As you make your way through the Gunrunner map, look for some crates. On one of them, you’ll see what looks like an octopus with many arms. However, upon taking a closer look, there’s a name: Zakhaev Arms.

How is this a throwback, you ask? Well, Zakhaev was the main bad guy in Modern Warfare back in “the day,” and this makes a note of something crucial that happens during the “All Ghillied Up” mission.

During that time, you and Price are called upon to assassinate Zakhaev during a business meeting. However, something goes wrong in the process, and, as a result, his arm gets shot off. Get it? Zakhaev Arms?

It’s a nice little joke, so definitely hunt it down when you get a chance!

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.