Call of Duty: Warzone weapon rarity explained

Use the guns that best suit you.

Call of Duty: Warzone

Screengrab via Activision

Call of Duty: Warzone includes a number of modes that allow you to experiment with the guns and load-outs that you want to play with.

In the Battle Royale mode, you start with very little, but you can find and use cash at various stations that allow you to purchase one of your usual multiplayer load-out. Alternatively, you can pick up guns throughout the game and use them as you wish.

In Plunder, you can use one of your loadouts as normal, though guns can still be found in supply crates, and be picked up from enemies.

The guns that you can find throughout the world all come with a color rarity. The rarity of each weapon though doesn’t necessarily correspond to how often the gun appears on the map.

The guns that you can find in the game are actually the Blueprints that you can find in the normal multiplayer game for Modern Warfare. Using these means that you don’t have to add any attachments to the weapons that you’re using. 

What are blueprints?

Blueprints in the main Modern Warfare game are specifications for weapons that act as a fully modified gun when used in a load-out. When used in-game, they already come with a set of modifications, including a reticle and perks, that instantly work with the gun. They act as special load-outs of guns that usually also come with a certain motif for their look.

For example, the X16 Pistol in its usual form looks like a standard Glock. However, with the Urban Defiler blueprint, it looks much more like, as the name suggests, an urban pistol, with an all-black design and a short-range laser to give visibility to where you are shooting at a short-range. 

The rarities of the blueprints usually come with how difficult they are to unlock and how unique they are, with some designs using patterns that are not unlocked until deep into the weapon level that would otherwise take a long time to unlock. The same principle is applied to Warzone, in that the rarity is mostly to do with the number of attachments to guns, though the rarer blueprints of bigger guns, such as sniper rifles, are harder to find across the maps.

While these can be helpful, not every blueprint has the ideal loadout, so it is worth having your own loadouts ready so that you can use one more suited to you when available.