Can you backstab enemies in Nioh 2?

Don’t let them see you coming.

Nioh 2

Image via Team Ninja

Backstabbing is a standard technique in third-person action games, so you may have been a little surprised when you snuck up behind your first enemy in Nioh 2 and couldn’t perform the move. While Nioh 2 does have a backstab move, it is not a default technique, and instead is something you will need to unlock through the game’s skill trees.

If you want to use the backstab technique in Nioh 2, you will need to work on your Ninja skills, as it can be found in the Ninja skill tree.

Sneak Attack

The Sneak Attack skill that allows you to backstab can be unlocked with one skill point, but only after you unlock the Tiger-running skill first. Once you have the Sneak Attack skill unlocked, you can backstab enemies by hitting Triangle behind an enemy that is unaware of your presence.

How to get Ninja Skill Points

To get Ninja skill points in Nioh 2 you can use an item called a Ninja’s Lock. This can be obtained by finished missions, as a drop from some enemies and bosses, or it can be randomly looted throughout the game. You can also use Ninja items that you pick up around the levels, and will gain familiarity and Ninja skill points by using them.

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