Can you catch a shiny Absol in three-star raids in Pokémon Go?

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Image via Niantic

There are multiple Pokémon that you can catch in Pokémon Go, and many of them have the opportunity to be a shiny version. While you won’t always catch a shiny Pokémon, there are several ways to encounter them. Absol does have a shiny version, but you won’t always receive one from completing raids. Here’s what you need to know if you can catch a shiny Absol from a three-star raid in Pokémon Go.

We can confirm that after finding Absol in a three-star raid and defeating it, there’s a chance you could encounter a shiny version. If you can’t find Absol in the wild or find a conventional way to catch it, attempting to defeat it in a raid is always a viable option. The downside is you’ll need to use a Raid Pass to do it, and sometimes these are better saved for the legendary Pokémon you can catch, depending on which ones are inrotation.

Completing a three-star raid does require a bit of work. You might be able to do it by yourself if you have an ideal team to defeat Absol. Otherwise, you may want to work with a friend to beat it and add it to your collection. There’s no good way to boost your chances of encountering a shiny Absol in these raids, unfortunately.