Can you catch a shiny Alolan Geodude in Pokémon Go?

The Alolan Geodude is not entirely the same as the standard version.

Image via Niantic

You’ll find that there are multiple Pokémon for you to encounter in Pokémon Go. Many of these Pokémon have the chance to appear as a shiny version, a unique coloring that makes it stand out compared to the original version. There’s an incredibly low rate of a shiny Pokémon appearing, so many trainers are encouraged to go out of their way to capture this version. Can you catch a shiny Alolan Geodude in Pokémon Go?

The Alolan version of Geodude is not the same as the standard version. The two are different, with unique movesets and typing. While the two are different, both have released shiny versions, and we can confirm you do have a chance to encounter the shiny version of Alolan Geodude in your travels. There are many ways you can encounter Alolan Geodude, but because it is an Alolan version of the original Pokémon, your best chance to catch it is through field research tasks or raids.

The Alolan Geodude encounter can happen if you receive event-exclusive field research tasks if it’s appearing. For example, during the Mountains of Power event, you can acquire an Alolan Geodude encounter by hatching an egg or having this field research task during the event. While the exclusive field research does go away following the event, there are more in the future. Also, Alolan Geodude spawns typically appear in one-star raids, providing you another, albeit costly, way to encounter a shiny version.

You’ll want to wait for Alolan Geodude to be an available spawn for specific events in Pokémon Go. It’s a less common encounter.