Can you catch a shiny Dedenne in Pokémon Go?

What are the chances of finding Dedenne’s shiny version?

Image via Niantic

Dedenne has arrived to Pokémon Go alongside the game’s Festival of Lights event. It’s a worldwide event celebrating the Indian holiday of Diwali. Dedenne is an Electric and Fairy-type Pokémon, making it the ideal choice to debut alongside an event where it’s a celebration of light being victorious over darkness. While you’re out catching Dedenne, is there a chance you can find the shiny version of this Pokémon?

Like many Pokémon who debut to Pokémon Go, Dedenne will not have a shiny version available when it launches. Niantic typically does not release a Pokémon’s shiny version until a future event. With Dedenne releasing at the end of 2021, we expect the shiny version to appear sometime in late 2022 or even in 2023.

Niantic does this with nearly every Pokémon that the releases to Pokémon Go. When the shiny version arrives, the Pokémon receives an increased spawn, giving everyone more chances to catch Pokémon during this time and increasing the chances of a shiny version to appear.

We don’t have a set date for Dedenne’s shiny version, and we won’t have one until Niantic detail when they’re planning to release it. However, we encourage you to search for Dedenne as it’s an excellent Pokémon to use in the Great League.