Can you catch a shiny Dialga in Pokémon Go? – July 23, 2021

What are your chances?

Image via Pokémon Go’s Twitter

There are numerous Pokémon for you to capture in Pokémon Go, and they can appear all over the world. Some are more difficult to locate than others, typically because they only appear during certain seasons or specifically spawn in a certain region. However, some are even harder to obtain than that, such as the legendary Pokémon, Dialga. It’s a powerful Pokémon that has only appeared in a handful of five-star raids. So is there a chance you can capture a shiny Dialga in Pokémon Go?

Things have dramatically changed, and yes, Dialga’s shiny version has arrived. You’ll be able to capture this Pokémon’s shiny form in five-star raids starting at the Ultra Unlock Part 1 event. In addition, Dialga is returning to five-star raids for a limited time, starting on July 23 to August 3.

We initially believed Dialga’s shiny form would release leading up to the arrival of Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, but a gift has arrived early this year from Niantic. Similar to the other legendary Pokémon, Dialga will have a one in 20 chance of being shiny after you’ve beaten it in a five-star raid.

While Dialga’s shiny form will be unlocked, it will be up to Niantic to decide if they want to release Dialga’s shiny form to five-star raids the next time appears. It’s not always a guarantee, but for the Ultra Unlock Part 1 event, players can farm five-star raids in the hopes of acquiring the fabled shiny hundo Dialga to add to their collection.