Can you catch a shiny Dialga in Pokémon Go? – July 22, 2022

What are your chances?

Image via Pokémon Go’s Twitter

Dialga in Pokémon Go is one of the many legendary Pokémon you can catch and add to your collection. It will appear in five-star raids for a limited time, giving you and your friends time to team up and take it down. You will want to work together with other players as much as possible to defeat this powerful Pokémon. When you go to catch this Pokémon after beating the raid, is there a chance you can catch a shiny Dialga in Pokémon Go?

Is there a shiny version of Dialga?

We can confirm that Dialga will have its shiny form during these next raids. They will be occurring from July 22 to 31. You have a small window to catch it, especially with the Hisuian Discoveries event happening simultaneously. All players can grab a raid pass for free once a day, and we highly recommend spending it on Dialga as often as you can. Unfortunately, Dialga is strong, even for a legendary. You must cooperate with your friends to defeat it in these five-star raids.

Similar to other legendary Pokémon in the game, there’s a good chance you can encounter its shiny form, but it is not guaranteed to spawn. The best way to increase your chances of finding a shiny Dialga is to participate in as many raids featuring this Pokémon as you can afford. Dialga rarely shows up to Pokémon Go and is one of the few legendary Pokémon we would encourage players to try and catch at least once.

There will be a raid night featuring Dialga in your area on Wednesday, July 27. The event will only occur for an hour, but it does increase your chance of finding a Dialga raid in your local area. The raid night will happen from 6 PM to 7 PM in your local time zone.