Can you catch a shiny Holiday Spheal in Pokémon Go?

He’s rocking that holiday scarf.

Image via Niantic

The hunt for shiny Pokémon is always one of the most grueling and taxing experiences for Pokémon Go trainers. Many of the Pokémon you come across will be the original forms that you have come to know and love. That being said, there is a very slight chance you will come across a different colored one that has been given the term “shiny.” During Winter 2021, a group of winter-themed Pokémon will appear more frequently, including Spheal, sporting a new scarf. Can you find a shiny Holiday Spheal in Pokémon Go?

Fortunately, Holiday Spheal does have a shiny form in Pokémon Go. That being said, finding a shiny Holiday Spheal will be as challenging as any other Pokémon and will come down to whether the RNG is working in your favor or not. While that is the case, you will have plenty of Spheals you can encounter during this event.

Spheals will be appearing generally in the wild much more often during the holiday event. Use an Incense and/or Lure at a Pokestop, and you will run into more Pokémon, including Spheals. Additionally, Spheal will appear in one-star raids and during Field Research encounters. Of course, none of these methods will guarantee a shiny, but with so many opportunities to run into Spheal, you will hopefully eventually get a shiny.