Can you catch a shiny Tynamo in Pokémon Go?

Can you catch a shiny fish?

Image via Niantic

For Pokémon collectors in Pokémon Go, completing a Pokédex entry can be a nightmare. Some Pokémon have seasonal forms, others have limited-time costumes you can only catch for a certain time in a year, during a specific event, and then they’re gone until the next one. It’s a vicious cycle that can be tireless. Of the collectible Pokémon in the game, the shiny versions of Pokémon are often a bit easier to catch, even only because there’s a set chance of the shiny version appearing for a trainer. However, when a Pokémon debuts in Pokémon Go, chances are the shiny version will not be available alongside it. That’s the case for Tynamo.

It’s the case for nearly every new Pokémon when they’re introduced to Pokémon Go. Dataminers will go out of their way to post that the shiny versions have been added to the gamemaster, that they’re available, and all developer Niantic has to do is flick a switch to activate them. But the shiny version for a new Pokémon typically is released separately from the Pokémon’s debut.

The shiny version typically appears in a future event, several months, and in some cases, years later. They’re rarely done at the same time. For the Charge Up event happening on March 16, Tynamo will be making its debut, alongside its evolved forms, Eelektrick and Eelektross. Because this is the Pokémon’s debut, we can definitely expect no trainers to encounter its shiny version. That won’t be happening, so don’t try to farm the Pokémon and expect to see a shiny version appearing.

We don’t know when Niantic will be making it a thing. The development team seldom hype up a shiny release until a week before the event it’s going to star in will happen, so it could be several months to a year or so. It’s a mystery, but don’t expect the increased spawn rates of Tynamo during the Charge Up event to make finding its shiny version easier.