Can you disable bear traps in Mortal Shell?

You will need a sharp eye to spot them.

Mortal Shell

As you discover more about the swampland on your journey in Mortal Shell, you will encounter plenty of resistance from the local residents. They’re not happy at your arrival, so it’s up to you to dispatch the husked villagers that surround the camps scattered around Fallgrim.

However, these enemies are not stupid and will attack you in packs if you don’t play smart. But that’s not the only thing that you need to look out for. As you travel around the camps, something that you will eventually stumble into is a bear trap. It will snap onto your leg and keep you trapped for a few seconds, just enough time to be swarmed on. 

Most of them surround the camps that are scattered around, often full of enemies, and they are not the easiest traps to spot as they are rusted enough to blend with the dirt. It means you must always be vigilant when planning an engagement, especially if a large, halberd wielding enemy is close by. 

When you do spot them though, there is unfortunately nothing that you can do about them as they cannot be disabled or stopped from activating. There is no prompt when close by to remove them so your only option is to be watchful.

However, while you can’t stop them from going off, you can use them against the enemies that surround them. If you lead an enemy into a trap, they will cause it to go off, leaving them trapped for a few seconds and allow you to go in for the kill.