How to find lush caves in Minecraft

A whole underground biome.

Image via Microsoft

Lush caves are meant to be an underground environment that you can find in Minecraft. They’re full of big drip leaves, flowering azalea blocks, cave vines, spore blossoms, rooted dirt, and much more. But you have to find a lush cave to locate these items, and finding them can be tough. It requires a lot of digging. A good way to know you’re on the right track is to look for an Azalea Tree. For the release of 1.17, lush caves were not released alongside the update due to bugs. It will be released at an unknown time, but when it does, this is how you’ll go about finding them.

The Azalea Tree is a big red flag that you’re standing on a lush cave. These trees typically grow on top of lush caves in a plains biome, so the first thing you want to do is search the plains in your minecraft world. Once you’ve arrived, the next step is to find an Azalea Tree, which look like a normal tree with pink flowers in its leaves.

When you’ve locked the Azalea Tree, all you have to do now is dig down, and you should find the lush cave directly below it. The Azalea Tree’s roots dig down into the cave, filling it with life, and you can find a variety of useful items that you wouldn’t be able to locate elsewhere.

We’ll be updating this article once lush caves arrive to Minecraft in a future update. Again, they were intended to be released to the game for the 1.17 update, but they were made inaccessible due to problems, and will be releasing at a later time.