Can you fish with the fishing rod in Minecraft Dungeons?

Reel in your enemies.

While exploring Minecraft Dungeons, you will find a variety of familiar items that are commonplace from the original Minecraft game. You can find TNT crates, swords, gems, and even the fishing rod. The fishing rod is an artifact item that you can use for useful effects in the game.

While the fishing rod is in the game, it does not appear you can fish with the item. It’s considered an artifact, and every player can hold up to them of them on their character. These artifacts are a little bit like abilities, and they even come with a cooldown. Artifacts work like items, too. They come with different effects, damage, and have specific qualities to them. You can unlock more powerful artifacts by progressing through the game and playing it on higher difficulties.

You will assign the fishing rod to one of the three artifact buttons. When you’re ready to use it, click on the designated button and cast it. Your character will use the fishing rod, casting it out to draw an enemy towards them. The effect stuns an enemy, giving you and your friends a few seconds to damage it, potentially taking it out before it recovers. The fishing pole is a great item to use against armored or more powerful enemies.

Check the available artifacts on any mission before going on them if you want to find higher-quality versions. To unlock more powerful ones, you need to complete a mission on higher difficulties.