Can you get the Plague Doctor mask in New World?

Sneaky beaky like.

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Image by Amazon Game Studios

Plague Doctor-styled cosmetics are found across many games and are almost universally considered highly desirable by players. There is something alluring and innately creepy about the beaked design — in a cool way. The Plague Doctor mask has found its way in countless gaming franchises over the years, and it is now in New World as well, where many players would love to get their hands on it.

New World has a variety of armor sets, some of which look cool and some which have strong stat and ability modifiers attached to them. The Plague Doctor Mask is part of one of those good sets that fall right in the middle: they look great and also provide strong utility to a player’s build. The set provides corruption and physical damage resistance, a small cooldown reduction, and a buff to Focus and Intelligence, making it fit in a handful of meta builds. It is no wonder that many New World players would love to get the Plague Doctor set, in particular its beaky Plague Doctor Mask headpiece.

Amazon Game Studios revealed the Plague Doctor set back in 2019 as part of New World’s early promotion. The items comprising the set are in New World right now — including the Plague Doctor Mask — though there is no clear way to get them specifically. We expect the game will get new dedicated quests later on, which will allow New World players to target-farm the Plague Doctor mask and the rest of the set.